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Am sure he is looking down at us, urging us to be safe from Covid.
Yes sure he must be looking down and we all miss him a lot and same time feel his presence around till date.

He must also be looking down to his Karam bhoomi which also was place he choose to sleep forever, Pangong Lake.
He must be seeing Chinese presence there at same locations and fingers he was clicking with his camera till last, with boots on.

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He considered himself a borderman who died on his last trail. He felt it was his duty to promote Leh tourism to a point where Indian government cannot overlook the economic benefits the region brings to overall Indian economy. This was the only way India will take its borders with China seriously.


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Got to know quite late.
Was away from most things..

Yogesh and I shared Birthday, and cracked up how similar hobbies we have developed and wondered if I get a bit of fat on me someday.

Such an amazing soul. His life dedicated to helping out people to travel and live local life. Whenever I gave reference to YS and BCMT, people offered discounts and remembered him dearly in remotest of the places. Such gentle soul. Pretty sure he is still dwelling in the mountains and helping people out there.

I have requested to make his instagram account Memorial.



God Loves Bikers
Remembering added to Yogesh's Instagram account.
Not everyone is remembered, but I'm sure Yogesh has left a mark on lives of each of us. Will be remembered by his travel stories, something he loved the most.

Sending prayers for the departed soul and the family.