Shooting Flowers!!

The aim of every photographer is to make great images.
To have the 'wow' factor.
To drop the viewers jaw, so to say!

So when one goes out to shoot flowers, that is what should be uppermost in the mind.

So how does one shoot great images!

1. Choose fresh specimens. Dried and damaged ones dont make for good images.

2. Try shooting flowers in diffuse light. Cloudy days are best for this. Sunlight on the flower throws up too many shadows which may mar an otherwise nice image.

3. Within the limitations of the camera being used, try and isolate the flower from the background. A larger aperture may help in blurring the bg. The angle of the camera also aids in this.

4. After shooting a regular image, look for interesting angles.

5. Always try and use a tripod as this will force you into thinking about composition. Not worrying about camera shake is a help.

6. Look for dew drops/ insects/ snow on flowers. These would add an extra bit of interest to the image!

7. Before you trip the shutter, look at the bg and see there are no distractions. If there are, change the angle.

Have fun shooting flowers...and if you get a great shot, blow it up and hang it on your wall!!
thank you for the tutorial doc..

can u please elaborate on diffuse light?
Vaibhav, you are welcome!

With diffuse I mean when there is no strong directional sunlight falling on the flower.
On a cloudy day you will find that. Also in shaded areas.
The colors pop in such conditions.

Fused bulb, well you can try that too :evil: ;)