Short Trip to mussoorie (Once Again) - 02/06/18 - 03/06/18


A Rebel, in pursuit of a memorable life ...
As my mother is now tired... We moved towards hotel around 8pm and took break .. she was exhausted and refused to go again...

We are top class bokhad... And our tummy are empty too... We had bread omlette (for famous bread omlette vendor - i don't know what's the famous in his preparation... His rates are too much)... We then walk around and reached hotel around 10pm (cool breeze are just awesome) and before sleeping me n my niece decided to see early morning sun rise (around 5am)...

As hotel matteress is not good i hardly slept properly and kept on awakening.. finally i got up from room around 4.50am and to my surprise my niece is already ready.. (guess if i got late)..

So we are on mall road again with almost 0% rush..we took below pictures and spent almost half hrs and took coffee and tea for others members...






A Rebel, in pursuit of a memorable life ...
While having tea we decided to see laltibba as we never visited the same..

We all quickly got ready and all sorted by 7.30am..

We again had stuff paranthas (he made such a amazing roti without any oil)..
After this we moved to laltibba in my brother in law' s mobilo..

Laltibba is nothing only a view place.. from this location we can see through the help of telescope snow covered mountains but due to cloud cover some picture there is nothing to see..

Laltibba having two cafe ... roads to laltibba are very narrow one car pass only so be careful



A Rebel, in pursuit of a memorable life ...
Apart from two hotels below two hotels also have the good room with excellent location.

Most of the hotels are engaged with OYO rooms, so you better take oyo app for any hotel booking.

below hotels are on camel back's road very near to mall road.




A Rebel, in pursuit of a memorable life ...
So, after laltibba we faced huge traffic while going downhill, which wasted our 1 hr, its now around 11.30am. after having light lunch its time to head back to Delhi.

Few pictures are:-




A Rebel, in pursuit of a memorable life ...
On the way , we stopped at Mussoorie lake ( Man made lake)

Famous for: Natural beauty, amazing adventures, scenic setting, Seeking Experience, serene location and blissful peace.
Entrance Fee: The entry fee to this lake is just 15 rupees and the boat rides cost extra.
Visiting Time: The lake is open to visitors from 8 in the morning till 7 in the evening.
Visit Duration: 1- 2 hours
Mussoorie Lake is a beautiful location in the city of Mussoorie and is one of those spots that one can possibly not afford to miss while one is in this city. . This huge lake is well known for boating and you can paddle your way through the lake and spend some quality time with people that matter. This is an artificial lake yet feels surreal and gives one the opportunity to have some of the best views of the Doon valley. Lying on the Mussoorie Dehradun highway this lake gets huge number of visits by the passers-by and is one of the favourite spots of people who experience the pleasure in Mussoorie.