Short Trip to mussoorie (Once Again) - 02/06/18 - 03/06/18


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Due to this, we moved around 5pm and We know we reach Delhi at around 2am...

It was the continuous drive, but due to again some wrong navigation it took us to some bypass road, it was already night and there is no single lights available on the road.

Both apart from trees on both side with some patch of the village, the roads were scary. It by God grace nothing happened to both of vehicles.

We touch the national highway again, after we drove around 45-50km of such roads.. :Hangman::Hangman::Hangman:

An advice, if you are travelling with your family, do leave as early as possible. And keep check on google maps.. ( koi bharosa nahi gmaps ka bhi)

We had stoppage at BIKANO, for dinner at around 10 p,

After spending almost 1 hrs to refill our tummies and stretching our legs, we start remaining journey and reach home around 2:45am ( we did face congestion around 25 min somewhere on the highway)..

Total Journey was around 653 km.






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I'm from Dehradun, and back in the 90s we used to bunk school and go to mussourie, on our hero puch(s). I don't remember having come across > 5-10 cars on any of our trips, and when at mussourie, we used to have the entire place to ourselves - and a few other gentle folks from around. When at mussourie, we used to have some snacks, beer and used to just lay around in the sun and enjoy the wind and walkmans.

And just after ~1 km from the clock tower in Dehradun, rajpur road also used to be completely deserted, with only and only litchi orchards on both sides of the road.

Compare that experience to the current one. I feel so sorry for the place :(