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Studds Motocross First Gen, plain matt red.
Purchased in 2013, just a day before leaving for my first trip to Spiti.
Cost me 1700 then, from Hindustan Helmet Helmetshopee near Laxmi Nagar metro. Still serving me well. Survived three major accidents with just few scratches.

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Hey everyone!
Here is my helmet, something new!



Helmet is about a year old, wanted to do something new and different..
I am thinking to add horns too, like a bull or a cow...
Some say its good, some say its awesome and some dislike it!!
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Is SMK coming up with bluetooth gadget pre-fitted helmets now? Has anyone purchased it?
Sorry a bit late here, it is the same twister model i am using but now with integrated Bluetooth. Cost around 8k , twister cost around 4k.
I think it would be wise to spend on standalone Bluetooth device so that it can be moved to different helmet in future.

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Bought Studds Thunder d3 today to replace my 2014 studds rhyno.
I have been regularly using rhyno since 2014 the padding is still like new but the main issue is with the availability of visor and its cost, the visor cost 300 rs(helmet 1300) got a new visor 2 months back but today it gave up so this time decided to spend on new helmet.

Paid 1400rs for Thunder d3 mrp is 1695.
It will be my helmet for regular city commute, i have smk for Highway.
Got a warranty card but no bill as i bargained hard.

Tried vega and steelbird too but compared to studds their padding is very thin and lacking.

Size is 580mm which is L and surprisingly it is fairly snug on my smaller size head due to good padding. Cheek pads are very snug.
My smk is size s.

Now some features.

Weight is 1350gm feels very light.
All padding is easily removable .
Two air vents on top, one big on the chin.
One exhaust on the back.
Quick release visor.
Quick release locking buckle.

It comes with a Chrome visor but i got it swapped with regular tinted one.

Overall a very good helmet. A vfm and good companion to my smk.

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