Shrikhand Mahadev Trek


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rishi in my opinion there is no need to carry sleeping bag and other stuff as u can find many local shops along the route...unless u want to stay near shrikhand peak or some odd place. go freely and enjoy
Sandeep, I suggested to carry his trek gear, because he doesn't want to rely on local facilities available !! :)


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Ohhkk, then Rishi you have to carry lots of stuff which is not advisable from my side.
The reason I don wanna rely on locals is because I don't know whether I will surely get camping stuff or nt....if I can get camping stuff etc. or temporary camps on d way den obviously it is a waste to carry it....i cant go during yatra....i will start around 28th july.


I am going from Delhi to Rampur by bus on 13th evening.

it is learnt that due to flood, highway around kurukshetra, chandigarh, ambala is closed or having some problem.

Can anybody inform that the route from delhi to rampur (via shimla) is open or not now-a-days. Accordingly, I will plan my trip.


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Try 01904 - 258211 / 258212 & 94182-86411. These are the no. of Shrikhand Sewa Dul. You can ask your any query and I'm sure they will help you by any means.


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well shrikhand treck is one of the toughest and one should try to go during the sevadal yatra which is till 26 or 27th and one can go +-15 days from the sevadal yatra as after that it would be hard to find shelter and food on the way except some places like thachdu, bheemdwari and parvatibaag

no medical facilities no help will be there so b prepared with your arrangements i have been there last time and it was heck of task but lots of fun