Sikkim Again - The Old Silk Route [A Photolog]


Hello Dear BCMTIANS,

Wish you all a belated happy new year. Hope you all had a great start to the new year. Wish you all a great year for travelling and some lovely pictures for us to savour.

Last year, I went to the old silk route trip, with my family in Oct - Nov, 2016 but could not post this sooner due to work pressure. So, here goes:

After my family trip on October 2015, to the west and south of Sikkim, this year (2016) had plans to visit Kashmir and Ladakh. But due to the disturbances in that area, we decided to cancel the plan. We were very disappointed and decided that we had to travel somewhere even if it is a short trip. We started looking for other places to visit (mainly Darjeeling/Doars/Lava etc) but due to the puja rush all tickets for NJP were booked and showing long waiting lists for every possible train. With heavy heart we gave up any hope of travelling this year as it will be difficult to get leaves for a week for all of us after puja.

In the mid of July 2016 I came a across a travelogue on Old Silk Route, it was just mind blowing and it would not take more than 6 days for the whole trip. So, we decided to add a few leaves with our kali puja/bhai phota (bhai duj) leaves and booked our train tickets from IRCTC.

So, on the auspicious day of kali puja, our journey commenced from the Sealdah station.

Waiting to board our train at Sealdah station

After reaching New Jalpaiguri (NJP) station next day morning

To be continued...


After reaching NJP, we called our driver, who was already waiting for us at NJP. We then boarded the car and started straight for Reshikhola. We had our booking at Sebastian Pradhan's Eco Home Stay. We reached there at around 2:00 PM as we stopped mid way for a longish breakfast and then we faced a jam near Rangpo. After we reached the designated place, Mr. Pradhan had already sent two people to carry our luggage till the home stay and we were 7 persons. We had to trek for around 20 mins to reach the resort, but it was worth it.

Silk Route 2016 (30-10 - 5-11) 007.jpg

Silk Route 2016 (30-10 - 5-11) 009.jpg

Silk Route 2016 (30-10 - 5-11) 012.jpg

Silk Route 2016 (30-10 - 5-11) 013.jpg

Silk Route 2016 (30-10 - 5-11) 020.jpg

Silk Route 2016 (30-10 - 5-11) 025.jpg

To be continued...
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After reaching Reshikhola, we were tired after the 20 min trek (and lack of proper rest during overnight journey) and we were very hungry. The resort staff had already cooked our food and kept it in the dining area and told us to have it whenever we want. Without much delay, we hopped onto the food. The food was delicious and we ate to our heart's content. After late lunch we felt very sleepy and took rest. In the meantime we informed the staff that we would like to have a bonfire in the evening and they agreed to it and they told us, we can have a barbecue too. And we instantly nodded :D

Bonfire in the evening
Silk Route 2016 (30-10 - 5-11) 031.jpg

Silk Route 2016 (30-10 - 5-11) 037.jpg


Ummm...yummy :p

Silk Route 2016 (30-10 - 5-11) 042.jpg