Sikkim Again - The Old Silk Route [A Photolog]


After having a great time in the evening, with bonfire, barbecue and the sounds of the reshi river flowing behind us, it was just fantastic. We were sad that we had to leave for our next destination, we would have loved to stay here for another day. But as they say, there is always a next time :)

We woke up in the morning a little late and got ready leisurely as we do not have to travel a long distance. Initially we were supposed to stay at Nathang valley but our driver suggested that it will be very cold after sunset there. As we had a little baby (sister's daughter) with us, we decided to stay some place safe and cross the silk route during day time as my niece had chronic cold issues. So, it was decided that we would stay at Aritar instead of Nathang valley. And cover the silk route during day time and head to Gangtok for our next day halt.

View from our room in the morning
Silk Route 2016 (30-10 - 5-11) 045.jpg

We went fishing in the morning

A view

A monastery near Aritar

Sadly, it was closed when we reached the place and could not go inside.

After lunch at Aritar, we went to the Aritar lake in the afternoon. They have the whole lake fenced but they have walkways surrounding the whole lake where we can enjoy the beauty of the lake. They have sitting areas and boating facilities. We spend a lot of time here our niece really enjoyed the boating and did not want get off from the boat.

Silk Route 2016 (30-10 - 5-11) 052.jpg

Silk Route 2016 (30-10 - 5-11) 058.jpg



Silk Route 2016 (30-10 - 5-11) 059.jpg


After returning from our short sight seeing trip from Aritar lake we were talking to the owners about the lifestyle of people living in Sikkim and in general our trip through the silk route. The owner was telling us the about experiences he had with tourists from different parts of India. He also mentioned that his home stay was given recognition by the Govt. of Sikkim for being the best home stay at Aritar. In general, he also mentioned that if the sky is clear, we can view the peaks clearly early morning. So, after dinner we got to our beds with the hope of waking up early for the sunrise. But we got late in the morning and missed the sunrise, but still we got a great view of the early morning peaks.

Great view of the peaks from the roof of our home stay
Silk Route 2016 (30-10 - 5-11) 062.jpg

Silk Route 2016 (30-10 - 5-11) 075_a.jpg

Silk Route 2016 (30-10 - 5-11) 077.jpg

Silk Route 2016 (30-10 - 5-11) 084_a.jpg

Clear early morning sky at Aritar
Silk Route 2016 (30-10 - 5-11) 089.jpg


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