Silent Trail Sanctuary 20 to 24 Feb 2020


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One day in 2019, I got a call from Kiki Mathawan, asking for a suggestion, should we conduct a Workshop in some location in the Himalayas, and give talks on the Himalayas, and Astro Photography.
I was not going to say NO, So the planning started, and the dates got fixed for 3 days in Feb, 21 to 23, and return on 24, but Kiki and me to land up on 20, one day earlier to tie up everything.

And so an amazing trip was organised, with people joining from Bangalore to Kolkata.

It was decided that i would spend the night at Kiki's place in Gurgaon, so that early morning on 21st we would set course directly without wasting time.

Little did we realise that it would also turn out to be an amazing wild life trip. with walks through the forest early morning and evening. It was just great. For the first time i not only saw a Barking Deer, but head the bark also.

So lets get onto the road.

I wont bore you with the dive from Delhi to Gurgaon till such time we reach Bhimtal.

And that is Bhimtal for you.