Silent Trail Sanctuary 20 to 24 Feb 2020


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Now lets get down to wild life,
as almost 3 times a day we would go out for wild life.

Did manage to capture lots of action.

I was ahead of some people. and was moving very silently,
making sure i don't make noise by blindly stepping on dried leaves and branches.
I manage to get to a point where i was mainly hidden by a tree and a bush next to it.

But the guys coming behind, were closing in,
and then their voices reached the Barking Deer,
that is when decided to go away,
Never got a chance to take some videos of it.





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I was not heading deeper into the forest.
and suddenly saw this guy fly across and sit on this branch.
I barely got two clicks and he was off
first time see this bird, and if you don't click immediately,
he wont give u a second chance.