Silent Trail Sanctuary 20 to 24 Feb 2020


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In the evening i decided to head out well before the other.

I had gone to the other end of the forest, and nothing much was happening.
On way back i had actually given up.
but i was still walking softly, not to make any noise,

this time i got caught totally by surprise.
This guy was grazing, I slowly lifted my camera,
click away,
not he realised why is there this clicking sound in the forest.
he looked around,
I sure wanted video also,
so gradually i moved the camera to video mode.
got some video,
but in this movement he noticed something odd,
although was wearing all black, including a black head gear,
the Canon 100-400 is white.
so i guess that was a give away.
but i did get a video of him running away and made that barking sound
that is why they are called Barking Deer.




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So now i will process some videos,
and as they get ready will start posting.
some showing talks by Kiki and a Lady who went on a road trip to China alone.
And off course some fun videos of the last night,
with some guys playing guitar and sing song and dances by the group having fun.
oh, and heavy hail storm with the surroundings becoming almost white.


Great passion yours!!! Fantastic pictures indeed.

If those following you were from your group, then, this sounds odd! A group gathering at a far place for such a purpose, must surely know the etiquettes of a jungle walk! On the other hand, didn't you request them after the first walk? Beats me!!

Thank you for the nice pictures, but you didn't reveal the name of the place. Is it on purpose? Or I need to read more carefully?