Singapore - An ideal holiday destination for Kids

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We finished USS at around 4PM and walked across to SEA aquarium. The aquarium is just a 3 minute walk across USS entrance and is home to about 800 species of marine life. The aquarium is open from 10AM to 7PM and it takes about 1-2 hours to cover. It is divided in to zones based on marine life found in different straits, seas and oceans around the world. Amongst other display panels, there is a short tunnel at the entry and another one before the exit which is home to about 200 sharks. The USP of this aquarium is the “Open Ocean” zone which has the largest aquarium viewing panel in the world and you can sit in front of it and watch leopard sharks, goliath groupers and many different species including the magnificent manta rays. The aquarium is very well maintained and we saw that in many places scuba divers were cleaning the tanks and display panels.

Map of the SEA Aquarium with the many different zones. Zone 2 has a Discovery touch pool where kids can actually touch some species of fish including star fish.

SEA map1.JPG

Zone 5 has the "Open Ocean" section which is the largest aquarium viewing panel in the world as claimed by the aquarium.
SEA map2.JPG

Scuba Divers cleaning the tanks and displays.



Playful Dolphins


Jelly Fish

This is supposed to be the world's largest aquarium display panel. Its a lovely experience to sit in front of the display and watch many different species.




Here come the sharks. We were almost wondering how the aquarium does not display sharks, but this tunnel is just before the exit and an apt climax to your aquarium experience.




The 7/11 store near Water Front station

We were completely fatigued by the time we finished the day, and stopped at the 7/11 store near the monorail station for sandwich and cool drinks. There is a nice seating area outside the store where we could rest our tired feet and replenish our energy. On reaching back at the hotel, we decided to get refreshed by spending some time in the hotel swimming pool. My son is a water baby although he has not yet learnt how to swim. So we usually book hotels which have baby pools, and the one in Holiday Inn Atrium is very decent.



We were bored of eating junk food and other “not so homely” cuisine, and also concerned that my son had not been eating very well. Hence we decided to head to Little India that night as the area is full of Indian restaurants. We took the MRT from Outram park station (purple line) and travelled to Little India station which is on the same line. Little India is an ethnic neighbourhood in Singapore with mainly Tamil culture. Here you can see shops selling Indian products and spices, fruits and vegetable stalls selling Indian vegetables, Saree shops etc. So you are treated to the sights and smells that you are familiar with. Just one disappointing thing is that this area is less clean (some litter on the roads) compared to rest of spotless Singapore, but still it has its own charm.


We headed straight to the first decent Indian restaurant which we saw “Ananda Bhavan”. It is a small and no frills restaurant but the food is fresh and tasty. Singapore has a culture of people taking away parcels of food on their way home from office. There were comparatively less people dining at the restaurant than those who were taking away parcels. We had vada, dosas and mysore pak which helped satisfy our craving for Indian food. I think I have mentioned it before but on an average dosas are priced between S$2.5 to S$3.5 and the meal for three cost us about S$15. The restaurant also serves dinner thali. As it was getting late and we were tired, we did not explore the area and went straight back to the hotel the same way we had come.


The next day would be another busy one with a visit to Jurong Bird Park (JBP) in the first half and visiting Sentosa again in the 2nd half, although our family friends who stay very close to JBP were insisting that we spend time and have dinner with them at their lovely home.


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Awesome details shared, a complete bible or one can call dummies for Singapore trip...

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Very informative log..Infact a complete guide for travelling in Singapore :).I was there in Singapore for just two days while returning back to India from Australia.I also stayed in little India and traveled in the MRT and buses.Since i had traveled in singapore arlines flight,they had this hop on/hop off buses.For a charge of 15$ i can hop-in in any of the bus from their specified stop.And the 15$ charge was for entire day,i just have to present my boarding pass to them.
Not only singapore airlines,but there are many hop-on/hop-off bus services which run in the city and takes you to the most of the popular places.


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fantastic coverage :)
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Very informative log..Infact a complete guide for travelling in Singapore :).I was there in Singapore for just two days while returning back to India from Australia.I also stayed in little India and traveled in the MRT and buses.Since i had traveled in singapore arlines flight,they had this hop on/hop off buses.For a charge of 15$ i can hop-in in any of the bus from their specified stop.And the 15$ charge was for entire day,i just have to present my boarding pass to them.
Not only singapore airlines,but there are many hop-on/hop-off bus services which run in the city and takes you to the most of the popular places.

Thank You Biru for the compliments :) and to bring to notice other smart card options (other than EZ link and Nets Flash Pay). Other than the hop-on hop-off passes that are made available by many different tour companies (I am guessing the airlines have tie ups with them), there is also an option of Singapore tourist pass. The Singapore tourist pass is available with a 1-day, 2-day and 3-day option and allows unlimited travel on public transport for it's duration. If you purchase a 3-day tourist pass it only comes to about S$7 per day. The only drawback is that this pass expires at the end of it's period and only deposit is refundable but not any unused value. But if you are going to be in Singapore only for 3 days, then the 3-day tourist pass is a very good option. The pass is available at selected Transitlink offices including the one at Changi Airport. The refund of deposit is also possible at these offices.

Singapore tourist pass.JPG


A full list of FAQs regarding the tourist pass can be found at FAQs | Singapore Tourist Pass

It is mentioned in the FAQs that once the tourist pass expires (at the end of 1,2 or 3 day period), the pass can be used just like a EZ-link card i.e. you can top it up and use ut just like a EZ link smart card to travel on public transport.

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Before we proceed, I wanted to share that the reason we went for EZ Link or Nets Flashpay card and not Singapore tourist pass was because we would be in Singapore for 6 days. If you do not return the Singapore tourist pass back at Transitlink offices in 5 days from its purchase, you lose the deposit. Using the Nets Flashpay and EZ Link child card for 5 days on public transport we utilized about S$15 /adult and about S$7 for my child. Over and above that, we also paid a non-refundable S$5 deposit on each card but the adult cards are valid for 7 years and we can use them if we go back.

Since this travelogue is more about how child friendly Singapore is, I would also like to share our experience using public toilets in Singapore. I am sure almost all parents who read this log try and make their kids sit on the toilet seat before a long day out. This is mainly due to our anxiety of not having access to clean loos in public places in the event of emergencies. The toilet facilities not only in tourist attractions but also public places like bus interchanges maintain excellent hygiene.

The next day we went to the Outram park station and took the Green line to Boon Lay station. From here we took Bus No. 194 from the Boon Lay bus interchange to Jurong Bird Park (JBP). The bus interchange was air conditioned and a welcome relief from the heat and humidity. We reached JBP just in time for the 11AM High Flyers show and jogged to the amphitheatre which is very close to the park entrance. No sooner did we take our seats than the show began.

How to reach Boon Lay from Outram Park station using MRT.
Boon Lay.JPG

Boon Lay bus interchange

It's Air Conditioned and you only have to step out when the bus arrives outside the gate.

Please refer to my tips about the Night Safari as the same apply for JBP as well. I have also shared some specific tips for JBP below.

• The Hawk café just outside JBP entrance serves excellent healthy food and tasty local dishes like Haikanese chicken rice etc. You can come out of the park for lunch and go back in again as long as you get your hand stamped.
• If your child likes Bournvita, Hawk café serves Milo which is kind of equivalent.
• Take some time to explore the Birds Discovery centre inside JBP. It has excellent displays and information on birds.
• If your child loves Dinosaurs, there is a small area near Dino descendant’s bird display where kids can dig up dinosaur fossil for fun.
• Try not to miss the “High Flyer’s” show as it displays the talent of many different birds and the hosts involve the audience as well. Amongst other talents you will see a bird sing in 3 different languages.
• Do not miss the “House of Darkness” as there are many different species of Owls on display.
• Do remember that JBP too has an excellent wet play area for kids.


JBP map1.JPG

JBP show timings.JPG

Only flightless birds are kept in open for obvious reasons, else all birds are kept in large cage houses. I did not take pictures of the birds in cage houses as birds as royal as the American bald eagle, Bhahminy Kite, Sea eagle or the Himalayan Griffon Vulture do not really look good in a cage no matter how large. However, all birds in JBP appear to be in very good health.


High Flyer's show. Lots of Macaws, Flamingo's, toucans etc.



Photo opportunity at the entrance.


Angry Bird




Dino descendants section



Be a paleontologist for a day and dig up Dino fossils.



Birdz of Play or Wet play area.

Trams used in JBP.

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For more information on JBP please visit their website Jurong Bird Park - Where Colour Lives

A word on the Hainanese Chicken rice which I had at the Hawk café before proceeding further. This is considered to be one of the national dishes of Singapore and is considered as comfort food. I simply loved it as the dish is very healthy, tasty and filling. It consists a bowl of chicken broth soup which I thought was flavoured with herbs, bowl of fragrant rice which is cooked in chicken broth, chunks of boiled chicken and some green leafy and crunchy veggies. It is accompanied by hot chili sauce, dark soya sauce and freshly ground ginger paste.

Hainanese Chicken Rice which is one of the national dishes of Singapore. Most eatries around MRT stations sell this for anywhere between S$2 - S$4.50. Having the dish in a proper restaurant can cost about S$8 - S$10.
Hainanese chicken rice.JPG

We spent more than 5 hours at JBP of which the last hour and a half was spent by my son splashing and running around in the wet play area. As our family friends had insisted that we spend the evening with them, we dropped the idea of going back to Sentosa Island on that day. We approached 3-4 taxis at the taxi stand outside JBP but none of them agreed to take us to our destination which was about 4 Kms away. We were later informed that it is illegal for the taxi drivers in Singapore to refuse fare (especially at a taxi stand), but sometimes they do if they feel that the distance is too short or they may get stuck in traffic. This refusal was the only such experience we had during our stay in Singapore.

We had a great evening with our family friends at their spacious condo apartment in a gated community which had facilities such as clubhouse, Gym, Tennis courts, swimming pool, steam & sauna room etc. They were kind enough to drop us back to the hotel late at night.