Singapore - An ideal holiday destination for Kids


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Dear Sachin,
You are a very good story teller, really you enjoyed in Singapore,
but we enjoyed here with your very informal & lovely pictures T-Log.
Thank you for sharing this charming Trip.
Hope to get some more in future.

Sachin Jatkar

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@Sachin Jatkar and @joie de vivre

One quick question before I embark upon my journey to singapore.

Do all the attractions allow some food to be taken with you? As being vegetarian and kids little bit fussy about what to eat we may need to keep some food with us.

Sachin Jatkar

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We never really carried any food with us as we ate at the restaurants inside, but I don't remember it being specified anywhere that you cannot carry outside food. Nor do I remember our bags being checked at any attraction.

There is no restriction to carry food anywhere in Singapore.
however in most places you will find indian veg food. If you have any specific places to visit, I can tell you where to look for Indian veg food. I am also a veg. so I know the pain ;)


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Thank you John. I completely agree :)

Thanks Sachin. Yes Aditya had a blast which really justified planning a trip specifically for him :)

Thanks Viny :). Yes, I will include everything you have mentioned and do ask if you need anything else which I miss.

Thanks Amit and hope that lot of BCMTians with kids are inspired to plan a holiday to Singapore by reading my log.

Thanks Pushpinder :). Coming up right away.

We booked our air tickets more than a month in advance and it cost us INR 23k per person (same fare for children as well) for return airfare. We had booked Air India and while booking the flights were direct or non-stop but the schedule was later changed by Air India with 90 minutes halt added in Chennai both ways. Adding to the grief was Air India’s non-functional in-flight entertainment system. More than 50% of the screens were not working and the few which did work had no sound coming out of the headphones. The AI staff could do nothing to help. To their credit though, the flight both ways landed before scheduled time and the meals served were decent.

You don’t need to visit the Singapore consulate for getting a tourist visa. Just approach any authorized travel agent and they will get the visa done for you. The visa is on a piece of paper which can be stapled to your passport. Usually you will be granted a multiple entry visa which is valid for 2 years with a maximum of 30 day stay per visit. Working in Singapore on a tourist visa is illegal. The Singapore consulate charges S$30 /person for issuing the visa and you will require submitting the following documents to the travel agent for processing the visa. However it is best to confirm the documents required from your authorized travel agent as they process the visas on a daily basis.

• Original passports valid for more than 6 months from the date of travel.
• Two recent colour photos (35mm x 45mm, matt finish) with 80% of the face visible.
• Duly filled visa form (14A).
• Copy of confirmed return air tickets.
• Copy of confirmed Hotel booking.
• Cover letter written by you and addressed to the Consulate General requesting to grant visa and detailing purpose of visit, flight details, passport details and confirming that all expenses during the trip including stay, travel and food will be borne by you.
• Proof of purchase of foreign currency or copy of International credit card (blank out the cvv number).
• For blank passport holders i.e. those who have never travelled abroad, you may be asked for documents such as bank statements & last 3 year IT returns. This is not applicable for children.
• The Singapore consulate in Mumbai requires 1 address proof if your passport was not issued in the western region.

Although not required for the visa, I would strongly recommend that you purchase travel insurance for all those who are travelling. All insurance companies such as ICICI Lombard, HDFC etc. provide the option to purchase travel insurance online without having to submit any documents or visiting any of their branches. Depending on the insurance value, number of days of travel and options available, you can get travel insurance from INR 400 onwards per person. Depending on the plan you choose, you can get cover for medical treatment, lost baggage, trip delays, missed flight connection, emergency hotel extension, repatriation of remains etc. I got my family a platinum plan which cost me INR 1059 /person with maximum insurance cover of US$ 50k /person. When you are spending so much on international travel, buying travel insurance is a small amount to pay for anxiety free travel.

Ensure that you buy foreign exchange from an authorized dealer and that you get a receipt for the same.
Which travel insurance have you subscribed?