Small Scale Business Problems

If taxes are insufficient then how will government employees get their salaries and annual aprisals. Private property and bank savings of these defaulting SSI people, who do not know how to run business should be confiscated by government. Or at least cheap land given to them by Government should be taken back and alloted to some one who can run industry in productive way.
Delhi is best example.
Taxes are less and Government is Earning.
Government is spending also on people with good earnings.

Even in Lockdown Dekhi Govt has enough money to spend and cover expenses.
Many Other state Govts failed after central govt failed to give their tax share.
A Central Govt is complete fail and state Govt is still working good.
You should learn marketing to keep your business afloat. Beside Facebook, you also need an Instagram page and website.

My husband owns a marketing company and many of his clients are small business owners. He offers “deals” to businesses starting the business so website, logo design and business cards just to starts. Then he adds monthly SEO and social media. In your case you’ll also need labels with your logo, etc.

I don’t know your budget and if you can hire a professional at the moment but at the very least you need a website, Facebook, Instagram, B2B Email List a logo, labels and packaging.
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Great idea, decent marketing strategy and well designed software are keys to the success.The other thing every business owner should know about - big data in retail. All those little and big tricks will help business to survive and avoid all the basic mistakes so many of us have done before.
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