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D8 / 26th January 2018 / Friday

Good Morning, this is where we stayed



So finally nearing the end of the trip. Today's plan was to visit Kalo Dungar and thereafter start back riding towards Home. Since we were staying in Tents, we were awake quite early, after breakfast we quickly made our way back to White Rann and thereafter Kalo Dungar. It was one hour's drive, one is supposed to take right from Khavda and thereafter an uphill drive will take you to Kalo Dungar. Kalo Dungar is the highest point in the Kutch Region. From the top you will get panoramic view of Greater Rann of Kutch, also, on a clear day, you can see, India Bridge from the top. There is Dattatrey Temple, just before entrance of the temple.

Kalo Dungar: Kalo Dungar also known as Black Hill, is located near Khavda Village, From Kalo Dungar one can get Panoramic View of Greater Rann of Kutch. It also has Dattatrey Temple and the story goes like this Lord Dattatreya walked on the earth, he stopped at the Black Hills and found a band of starving jackals. Being a god, he offered them his body to eat and as they ate, his body continually regenerated itself. Because of this, for the last four centuries, the priest at the temple has prepared a batch of prasad, cooked rice, that is fed to the jackals after the evening aarti.

So it was time to say goodbye to wonderful Kutch, the drive from Kalo Dungar to Bhuj was super-fast through some fantastic roads. In no time we crossed Bhuj and were moving ahead towards Bhachau, the roads are fabulous, within in an hour's time we were on 4 laned highway going towards Samkhiyali. Samkhiyali is the junction where road bifurcates, if you want to go up north, then take left from Samkhiyali towards Radhanpur and if you want to go down south, then take right from Samkhiyali towards Maliya. At Maliya, road again bifurcates, if you want to go down south via Ahmedabad, then take left from Maliya towards Halvad / Dhrangadhra, if you want to go towards Saurashtra, then take right from Maliya from Maliya, one is supposed to take right towards Morbi / Wankaner, if you want to touch Saurashtra. After quick lunch at Maliya, we were on the way towards Morbi. We haven't completed yet, there are still few more places to visit en-route, quickly passing by tiles hub of Morbi, then Wankaner and finally touching Rajkot - Ahmedabad Highway. Chotila Chamunda Mata Temple was our next destination, so by 4 PM we were at Chotila Temple.

Chotila Temple is located uphill with some 600 steps to climb. So we start climbing and in 40 minutes made it to the top. After Darshan at the temple, we started our return journey back towards the base. By 5.30 we were ready to move to our final destination for the day.

Chotila Temple: Chotila is Temple located on Hill Top on Rajkot – Ahmedabad Highway, one is supposed to climb 600 steps to reach the temple, it roughly takes 45 minutes to 1 Hour but the climb is quite steep. In the temple the two main idols are of 2 goddess sisters sitting together- Chandi and Chamunda. The idols are beautiful and give a satisfactory feeling after one reaches the top

Our last destination for the day was Sarangpur. So we started driving on the Rajkot - Ahmedabad Highway towards Sayala Chowkdi, from there on one is supposed to take right towards Botad. Around 8 PM we made it to Sarangpur. At Sarangpur, the temple's trust provides accommodation (Basic as well as Luxurious) at very reasonable rates, so we opted to stay at temple's accommodation.

Sarangpur Temple: Lord Hanuman’s temple located in Botad District of Gujarat. The idol of Lord Hanuman is the most unique and worth watching in this temple.

Accommodation: Sarangpur Temple
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GMaps Link for Today: Surkhaab White Rann Resort to Sarangpur

Toran Resort

Kutch Nahi Dekha Toh Kuch Nahi Dekha


The view from the top

Folks playing local traditional music

The Greater Rann of Kutch

Mandatory Click

Kalo Dungar

Entrance of Chotila Temple

The view from the top of temple

I think, he is the happiest soul, no fear, no worry.

Goddess's Vehicle

Sarangpur Hanuman Temple

D9 / 27th January 2018 / Saturday

So finally today we will be reaching back home, but before that my mom wanted to visit one more temple, i.e. Swaminarayan Temple, near Vadtal. So after darshan at Hanuman Temple, we moved towards Vadtal. The route to Vadtal goes through densely populated area of Gujarat, so finally after 3 hours, we made it to Vadtal Temple, quick darshan and we joined Old Baroda Ahmedabad Highway, surprisingly it's super smooth but there were too many tolls enroute, In next one hour we touched Baroda and were back on our usual road going towards Mumbai. There is nothing much to write about the drive from Baroda to Mumbai.

Vadtal Temple

So guys, I hope you all have liked the TLog. Please feel free to ask any queries about the trip. I would be glad to help you. You can email me at [email protected]. Thanks to my parents and wife for accompanying me, thanks to H. V. Kumar for helping me on LROK routes and thank you all for viewing the TLog.


Jobs fill your pocket. Adventures fill your soul
So let's go, today, first we will visit Vigakot International Border, the distance is 171 kilometers, one needs special permit for visiting points beyond India Bridge. We quickly crossed Bhuj Town before city wakes up, again the roads were super fast all the way, has to be, since it's the main road connecting International Border. we touched Khavda, the last town before India Bridge, had quick breakfast and were on the way towards India Bridge. You will be stopped at the beginning of India Bridge and a message will be conveyed by officer that "stopping on bridge and photography is not allowed hereafter". Once you cross India Bridge, BSF Guys will check your permits and vehicle, they will also give you bag to deposit your phones and cameras. They will also ask you whether you have enough fuel and water for the day. It just takes 5 minutes for the entire process and you are good to go, beyond these point I don't have any images, however be sure I will narrate things in equally good manner.

The next point after India Bridge is small BSF Colony. Adjacent to it is BSF War Memorial, this place is called Dharamshala, the entire area is for just few kilometers bang in the middle of desert. You will be asked to sign and enter your details here. The next point is Chidiyamore, the road is double lane till this point, Chidiyamore is the last point where you will see human beings, the name Chidiyamore came into existence because the entire area looks like crow. So from here you are supposed to take left turn to reach Vigakot and Right turn will take you to Bediabet Hanuman Temple. So we took left, now the road was good single lane, however it has inclines and declines at regular interval, if you are too fast, than you are bound to fly at decline. We didn't come across single soul from Chidiyamore to Vigakot, the drive was fantastic and everyone was exited. After one point we started getting goosebumps as well. so finally around 10.30 AM we made it Vigakot International Border. Jawans welcomed us, offered us water, etc.

The guy at BSF Colony, Dharamshala asked us to carry 2 bottles of buttermilk for the officer posted at Vigakot International Border. So we inquired about the officer and gave it to him. Thereafter he ordered one of his jawan to take us to the viewpoint. We followed the jawan and there we were standing 100 meters away from fence. The officer explained us about the history of this location, Sardar post, life in this area, villages on the other side, Pakistan ranger's checkpost. As we were getting down from the view point, the officer asked us about our experience of this place, surprisingly he asked us, "are you interested in watching the flag meeting", I said "why not". So he told us to wait for sometime.

So how does this flag meeting works, A white flag is raised by the Border outpost who wants to communicate, thereafter opposite border outpost responds with white flag and thereafter meeting is fixed, the meetings are generally held in respect of matters related to construction work around the border pillar, repairing of border pillar, sometimes for exchange of sweets on occasion of festival, etc. Meeting hardly lasts for 5 minutes.

The strange thing about this border is that, for 90 kilometers running up-to the border, there is no civilian population on the Indian side, however the first Pakistan village Rahim Ki Bazar is 2 kilometers away from International Border and Pakistan Rangers's Checkpost is beyond that village, while Indian Chekpost is bang on International Border.

We were anxiously waiting for the meeting, after half and hour we saw movement in our camp area, a vehicle got ready with officer occupying the front seat and remaining jawan were on the back side of ISUZU, one of the jawan at the camp asked us to come to the view point. The jawan gave us binoculars and asked us to see in the particular direction and we could see a white Pakistan Rangers's Jeep approaching the fence, once they were near, our vehicle left from the camp and in 2 minutes reached the gate, thereafter gate was opened, letters were exchanged followed by handshake and the gate was closed, the meeting lasted for 3 minutes, we could see Pakistan Rangers's jeep going back to it's post for next five minutes. I think we were not just happy but super happy. Finally we were ready to leave from the Camp, when the Camp Second in Command Officer met us, he asked us about our border experience, job, qualification, travel, etc. I narrated him my previous experiences of visiting the International Border, he was surprised and joked away saying, "aap log pagal ho, itna lamba, dur is registan me bhala kaun ghumne aata he" meaning "you guys are mad, who comes to travel in this arid deserts". With this he invited us inside his office for a cup of tea, looking at his position, we couldn't say no and we went along with him to his office. A tea was ordered for us, thereafter he tested my knowledge, he looked at a map in front of him and asked me to locate where are we sitting, I was like, "yeh toh mere baye hath ka khel he" meaning "that's easy for me". I not only identified our current location, but I also gave him the location of other posts and most importantly the location of Border Pillar 1175, thereafter I also told him about my Kashmir Travel and this group called "BCMTouring" he was impressed, than he asked his jawan to bring different kind of weapons, his jawan bought 3 weapons, one had long range, one had medium range and one had short range, he personally explained the pros and cons of each weapon and gave us to handle it in our hand (PS: It wasn't loaded) after half an hour, he asked us to have a lunch?, we politely declined saying we have another border waiting for us. He asked me what more can I do for you?, I was taken a back and surprised. Without hesitating I told him, I want to visit the fence, he was like "that's it", he immediately ordered his jawan to accompany us and came all the way till gate to drop us off.

In that half hour we discussed about relations with Pakistan, Location of all sensitive places available on maps, satellite systems, jobs, travel across India, why there are no civilians for 90 kilometers on the Indian Side of the Border. He advised me to visit International Borders in the state of Punjab, since they are more interesting.
New Destination, Noted the Route, Added to the Wishlist Bucket. Your are an Excellent Navigator and Narrator too.