Snow Drive Spiti in Feb 2023


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Planning a road trip starting from Gujarat, first week of Feb, 2023.
anyone has similar plans?
Plans are similar but month is different as in Feb we are driving down to Benaras - Ayodhya Ram Temple -Lucknow - Nainital and back via Ahmedabad -Surat - Pune -Goa., but in month of August last or 15th August we are leaving from Goa to Manali - Ladakh and route can be via Ahmedabad.
Best of luck and wishing you a pleasant journey.

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Its fairly straight forward these days.

There is not much fun till Narkanda. Hatu peak is intersting. So dont waste your time till shimla etc. Try to skip most and head to fun park.

From Narkanda to rampur etc I would like to skip everything and head to Chitkul village and give it at least 1 free day.

And give maximum time in Spiti valley.

Road in planes are good. You plan in such a way that you dont enter a big city and you start your day early in morning and cover crowded cities in morning.