Snow-laden Himachal and Heavenly Uttarakhand

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:mrgreen: Caution – It’s a huge travelogue along with 300+ snaps and many videos.


Initially the plan was to visit Spiti Valley during October2017. However, because of my wife’s sudden international office trip we dropped the plan during October. With months of sundry preparations and countless planning finally we were about to start in December. Even the previous day the trip was uncertain due to some family issues. We love travel, with all its concomitant worries.

I would like to thanks my wife who has written most of the portion of travelogue in very descriptive way.

Vehicle Preparation:

For such long trip, it is important to keep the vehicle at its best of mechanical condition to avoid any kind of possible problems. I just did some preventive maintenance to my vehicle which was as follows:
  • Replaced the front break pad as it was already 36000 KM old.
  • Top-up some raw coolant to make sure that the coolant percentage is more than 50-60%.
  • Front upper and lower ball joint changed as it was 65000 Kms old and heard from many people that bolero with IFS has a problem with arm ball joints. In case of any such breakdown, there is no option other than towing the vehicle.
  • Propeller Shaft changed under warranty as some noise was coming from yuk-teeth during acceleration.
  • Periodic maintenance service.
Till the date the Lazy Turtle performed very well in any and every terrain. Therefore, I was very much confident about the vehicle. Like always this time, also Lazy Turtle performed well other than a small issue we faced while returning from the trip that I will explain on day wise details.

Other Preparation:
  • Miscellanies things required for smoother trip:
  1. For the vehicle:
  2. 20L fuel Jerry Can and Spout.
  3. Jump Start Cable.
  4. OBD device with Bluetooth connectivity.
  5. 50 feet long ¾ inch diameter nylon rope.
  6. Manual Tyre Inflator and Puncher kit.
  7. Shovel (bought during Mustang Valley trip)
  8. BG Diesel Fuel Conditioner
  • For Camping:
  1. Camping Stool
  2. Sleeping Bags
  3. Tent and Tent Light
  4. Air Bed and Manual Inflator
  5. Gas Stove and Butane Gas Canister
  6. 50L ice box with full of ready to eat or easy to cook food items.
  7. 15L Water Jerry Can
  • Other Utility:
  1. Head Torch
  2. Rain Coat
  3. Big Umbrella
  4. Packing Tape
  5. Car DC to AC (220V) Adapter

Day 1: Kolkata – Gopuganj
Day 2: Gopiganj to Karnal, Haryana
Day 3: Karnal to Narkanda, Himachal
Day 4: Narkanda to Kalpa, Himachal
Day 5: Kalpa – Rakchham–Chitkul – Jeori
Day 6: Jeori-Sarahan-Hatu Peak-Narkanda-Shimla
Day 7: Shimla – Mansar – Kahan – Paonta Sahib – Dehradun – New Tehri
Day 8: New Tehri – Sari Village – Trek to Deoria Tal
Day 9: Deoria Tal – Sari Village – Chopta Valley
Day 10: Chopta – Kanakchauri – Trek to Kartick Swami
Day 11: Kartick Swami – Kanakchauri – kausani
Day 12: Kausani – Tejam – Brithi – Munsyari
Day 13: Munsyari – jauljibi – Askote – Pithoragarg - Abbott Mount – Lohaghat
Day 14: Lohaghat – Mukteswar
Day 15, 16, 17: Mukteswar - Kolkata

Unlike the other trips, this has some different edge of enjoyment because of some versatile activity during the trip.



Resting in such place is like living in a Palace


The old transport meets the modern road


Eyes of the Lazy Turtle glittering in the midst of snow clad mountains


The world never stop moving even if you stop


Their school days are better than our holidays


Neither the ice nor the rocks can stop you if you want to move ahead


If you want to come second, Follow me.


Herds of blue tents under beneath the dusky sky


Mirror mirror everywhere ! Come and visit like I'm here.


Follow the steps to the zenith


The world is still green and this place is lust green


Flowing along the map like the river flowing beside us

To be continued ...

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Day 1 (Kolkata to Gopiganj, UP):

First day was a long journey so accordingly I needed to have good sleep and rest. Early morning around 6:00 am, the car snarled. I gave it ample time until the sound of the huge engine thrummed in my ears. Due to the Christmas holiday, we face unexpected density of cars till Asansol who were traveling to enjoy the holiday at Mukutmanipur, Shantiniketan and Garhpanchokot. After crossing the border of West Bengal, the roads were not a hurdle this time and I made it till Gopiganj, Uttar Pradesh by evening. We were well versed with ready food and liquids to keep hydrated and filled on the go. The plan was to go another 50-60 KM for the day, however due to driving in dense traffic for 1st 200 KM we got tired soon and first day’s sojourn was at a highway side Shakti Dhaba.

Only picture for the day during our lunch break



Day 2 (Gopiganj to Karnal, Haryana):

Preceding day was also travel oriented as we transversed through expressways and highways. The Agra Lucknow express gave us the flight directly from Lucknow to Agra in no time. Landing to Agra, the road merged to Yamuna Expressway. We were lucky to enjoy a free trial of this expressway. With mere traffic on this expressway, I had the cognizance of developing India. For a rover good roads and less traffic is a boom. The Taj express opened its palm to Noida-Greater Noida express. While crossing Delhi, I felt the gust of the polluted air being suctioned through my nostrils. Though the windows of the car were closed, the vibration of honking horns could be easily felt. The fast pace of the traffic personified the life of the people in metro. By evening, we have entered Panipat and searching for hotel we stopped at Karnal. Fog has impaired the vision so much that it was impossible to recognize the vehicle just at an arm distance.



Dinner in Punjabi Style


To be continued ...