Snow-laden Himachal and Heavenly Uttarakhand

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Day 9 continued ...

In the morning we did not spent much time the reason being that we had to get down or else we will not get any room to freshen up down at Sari village.

Getting down was difficult for me because of my legs as repetitive bending ached my knees. The scene was same down the village as we expected though after waiting for a while we got a room for few hours. Sari village was done now it was time to turn towards Chopta valley.

My friend said not to stay at Chopta just spend some time and move to the next place but personally I felt that camping here would also have been exciting and so I did so. It’s a large valley spread over a large area. The valley provided a 360 degree view the Himalayan range. The Chopta temple was at the tip of the valley but it was so crowded that we couldn’t make it in my car. As the sun fully revealed itself it seemed to swell and the contrasting snow in the valley contracted my pupil. There are many trekking routes from Chopta however I was not physically prepared for that. Next time I will be fit and will come here to make it. Even here also there were people all round and scattered tents where placed by various groups. We searched for a beautiful place to set out camp which was easily accessible from our car.

Drive through Chopta Valley











Few Random snaps of chopta valley

360 degree view of Chopta Valley from our camp area



To be continued ...

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Day 10 (Chopta – Kanakchauri – Trek to Kartik Swami:

After Chopta, we commenced towards the next place through the roads having orange trees on either side. We drove to Kanakchauri, which is just 20 kms far from Chopta and trekked for 3.5 kms till the ashram.

Trek to Kartik swami Temple is much easier as compared to that of Deoria Tal. In winters the jungle way of the trek is covered with snow and bright colors rhododendron makes the place heavenly. On the way, the setting sun could not be ignored because the gold and orange hues bled like fire in the west over the valley.






We enjoyed the sunset during the trek

As per the gathered information, we knew that we will get a place to put up at the ashram. However, there were many people there who have gathered for new year celebration. I was doubtful of whether we will be getting room or not. Without food I can still survive but if I don’t get shelter, then??????

We were just sitting with the people who have come and were chatting with them about their where beings. Swami Ji called my wife and showed a room downstairs and asked to adjust with the available blankets. I was still in the dilemma of what to do if it turns out to be very chilling.

As the gathered group became bigger it split into vegetarian and non vegetarian division as some of them restrained from having non-veg in the temple premises. With intimation, they had more interaction with us and they became more inquisitive about our travel and passion for that. My wife helped them with the chopping of the vegetables and cooking while the huge built guys gathered woods and water from the forest which has wild animals also. With the descending day we all became one group and they offered us to celebrate 31st night with them with food and music. Each of them had a unique well established profession. It was a cricket team which binds them together and today’s celebration was of their victory in the match. One was a retired army officer, a chef of a renowned hotel in Mumbai, a priest of Badrinath temple, an army officer who has made it to the Mt. Everest thrice and a teacher who is an actor at Ram Leela drama. With music and celebration, turning high with the night the group sang some folk music and played a part of Ram Leela.








Party Arrangement

With the tiring day of trekking, this hospitality was beyond expectation and it felt like a home away from home where people loved and cared about you. An army officer posted there who had put up at the room adjacent to us offered his sleeping bag for the night as the room had no bed and adequate blankets. I am thankful to him because the sleeping bag did much to ameliorate the stay. Our new friends insisted us to stay up till 12 pm but we were already exhausted for the day still I said I will try. I slept like dead.





The Team

Celebration of new year in Garhwal style


Day 10 Road Map.



Great travelogue and photographs. However, you must have had some pressing engagements since you have left it halfway. Would be very thankful if you could finish it.