Snow Leopard, Chicham, Spiti Valley, May/Jun 2022


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Everything time I planned Spiti Valley, I would always miss out on Dhankar, Mud and Chandratal for what ever reason.

Finally I found someone who wants to do the same road trip as me. Cheers.

So it is Anand Bawa, who is from Raipur, he will be driving with a friend from Raipur, 1,200km to Delhi WEP to pick me up,
and we do a round trip, going via Shimla, return via Manali.

Kumzum Pass and road to Chandratal are open, so this trip was planned keeping this in mind.

This is the planning,
and for the first time I would be doing a road trip, with all booking done etc etc,
generally I just get onto the road and go, find what ever I can for the night.

Air ticket already booked for 20 May, so that I have one clear day of 21 May in Delhi.

Here goes, and packing has started.

Chandratal May 2022.png


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Packing has started.
only problem is that to fly from Pune to Delhi, and then hit the road,
I cannot carry all that I want due to the flight from Pune to Delhi.

So paid excess baggage for 5Kg, Rs 2250. It is worth it.

Now the question remains, I have just a small space left.
do I put another lens in that space or a soap.