So, what is fog???

Fog is a cloud bank that is in contact with the ground. A cloud may be considered partly fog; for example, the part of a cloud that is suspended in the air above the ground is not considered fog, whereas the part of the cloud that comes in contact with ground is considered fog.

The foggiest place in the world is the Grand Banks off the island of Newfoundland.

On that particular day I thought Bharatpur was the foggiest. The day was 18 Jan 2009.

As always, it started with the ever so partial travel bug, which seems to have a special affinity for our family.
Had been itching to take a weekend off for a while.
And this was it!!

The drive, all of about 185 kms is nothing much to write about. No twisties, so boring all the way.

We reached there at 12 noon, having left Delhi at about 0800 hrs.

Our stay at the Birders Inn at Bharatpur was very very comfortable. The owner, Tirath Singh, a knowledgable birder himself, looked after us very well.

The food was greasy, oily stuff.

After a fabulous meal, we dumped our baggage and headed for the Keoladeo Ghana National fav haunt close to Delhi. In winters, its an amazing place.

Vehicles are not allowed into the main park and the best way to explore is to take bicycles. There are numerous rickshaws one can hire and the rickshaw-wallahs are superb birding guides. For those who would like this birding knowledge, rickshaws are the best mode.

We hired cycles which cost Rs 25 for the whole day....from 0600 hrs to 1800 hrs. I think it's a steal.

The sun was playing hide and seek and the light was good in bits.

The road through the main park
bharatpur 012.jpg

the family, with SIL ( sis in law)
bharatpur 011.jpg

Did not devote too much time to picture taking on day one.

We were up early on day two, about 530 hrs, and when we stpped out of our room, we lost each other!!! Did I mention fog earlier.:):grin:

It was difficult to locate the ticket window...fog again!!!

Inside, this is what we encountered!
bharatpur 085.jpg

bharatpur 087.jpg

bharatpur 091.jpg

bharatpur 092.jpg

bharatpur 095.jpg

more fog to follow!! watch this space....
As we walked and cycled along the numerous paths and cycle tracks, the fog seemed to get thicker....all of us kept getting lost!

Droplets were condensing on our faces and was a heavenly feeling.

Photograhy was not the was tough getting the exposures right.
The feel of the pictures was totally different and I thought i would share with you.

bharatpur 096.jpg

bharatpur 097.jpg

bharatpur 098.jpg

bharatpur 103.jpg

bharatpur 112.jpg

bharatpur 114.jpg

bharatpur 123.jpg

bharatpur 127.jpg

bharatpur 131.jpg

bharatpur 136.jpg


The Night Rider
This seems like a great place for a day ride. How many people here would be willing to ride a cycle instead of a motorcycle for a change??:)


Very nice!
Good that you continued with your photography in these conditions. The photos are excellent and have a sureal look about them.

Many of us, including me would have probably given up on the photo taking.