So, what is fog???

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thanks for commenting.....for a moment, I did think of stashing my cam till the light improved but then again, I thought I'd capture the mood.

Mad Rider, the best time to go to the park is in winters, around dec- jan as that is the time when you have the max no of migratory birds coming in.
Last 4-5 yrs, the level of water in the wetlands was really low and a lot of birds had stopped coming. Notably, the siberian cranes disappeared.
The water level has been restored this yr and hopefully in a few yrs the cranes will be back.



Limited Vision
Amazing captures, Pushpinder...

You have mastered the act of getting the best, when surrounded by Snow and/or Fog.

Thanks for sharing..
A dash of humor is always here goes!!

As I mentioned earlier, cycling is the best way to get around inside the park. My son was really cut up as he had no cycle. My daughter, on the other hand, did manage to find one her size. Ths infuriated the brat even more.

Now, my cycle was standing very calmly and cooly, while I clicked around. See how nicely it blends with nature.
bharatpur 047.jpg

This did not go down well with my sonny. He thought he'd try some stunts on it. See how well the sizes match up :);):rolleyes:
bharatpur 048.jpg

And then...oooppss..
What Happened here????

bharatpur 050.jpg