Softwares How to get them Free & in legal way, Alternatives, Usage etc Problem?

There are many many ways to get main stream or some Pro Softwares legally.
Pay or Get them for particular Discounted Costs with Pros & Cons.
Legally Free ways are also there.
We know there are many softwares that we need in our daily routine for different purposes.
One may need it permanently or temporarily depending on nature and need of the person at that time.
One may need it for free and if possible free.
One may not be a Pro but need to open a file temporarily only to check that.

There are many ways to get them free.
For Mobiles, PC / Laptops etc all have different needs and availability.
Some need purpose wise as not all are Pro and does not want a costly software.
Alternatives are also there.
Though we have many other threads here.
But this is to discuss a legal way to get them or get a best alternative.

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PC Softwares :

For Whatsapp I have made a separate thread too:
Whatsapp tips & tricks

For Tapatalk also a separate thread is there:
Tapatalk: Tips & Tricks
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MS Office :
Get it for Free use on a PC if your PC / Laptop is online and you are comfortable working on it.
It may have some limits too.
It may limit the access upto some storage limits but for a beginner and normal use, you can use it legally.
Go to
Office 365 Login | Microsoft Office
Sign in


Make an account.
Use it online for Free.


All Apps


All main MS Office Softwares are for your use for free and do it legally.

Still not able to understand ?
Check video :

How to Get Microsoft Office for Free in 2019
•Published on Aug 25, 2019


Kevin Stratvert
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Learn how to legally get Microsoft Office for FREE, including popular programs like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. For full disclosure, I work at Microsoft. I made this video as a personal review of

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Six ways you can legally use Microsoft Office without paying for It

Microsoft Office is a suite of software programs popularly used in academics and business. The products are designed to serve for different purposes, and it includes Microsoft Excel, Publisher, Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook, that are designed specifically to enhance productivity. The Microsoft Office remains dominant in the field of productivity apps, but it costs a lot of dimes. Some may not be able to pay the huge price for an entire Microsoft Office license just to use a basic one.

Use Microsoft Office free, without paying for it
Despite having a huge number of worldwide users, the prices remain high. Nonetheless, Microsoft Office still rides on a wave of popularity and is used by millions of people. If you are looking for ways to access Microsoft Office for free, well, there are few tricks that will help you get free access to Microsoft Office. However, you can’t use the full version of Microsoft Office for free, forever. Nevertheless, you can use the free options only for a few months until you can afford a full version of Microsoft Office. In this article, we round up some ways to use Microsoft Office for free legally.

1] Use Microsoft Office Mobile Apps

Like the Microsoft Office Online, Office Mobile works similarly but this, is applicable to only Smartphones. You can make use of the Office Mobile app on your smartphones like Windows Phone, iPhone and Android for free. The Mobile app includes major Microsoft Office utilities like Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Calendar, OneDrive, OneNote, SharePoint, and Mail. The app can be used to create Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, reports, and other utilities easily right on your mobile screen. iOS Office Mobile apps work same like the Android version. However, if you are using iPad, you need to have Office 365 subscription to create and edit the documents.

2] Use Free Microsoft Office Online
Microsoft Office Online is a free web-based version of office suits that requires no installations. To use the Microsoft Office Online, all you need is a Microsoft account. With Office Online, you can get the best of Office suites, and access Office from anywhere with your desktop browser. The Office Online apps work the same way as the general apps you use and includes major Microsoft Office utilities like Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Calendar, OneDrive,, and Mail. Word Online provides free access to templates, formatting tools, and other add-ins to create documents and newsletters. Excel Online allows you to use spreadsheets and workbook for free.
PowerPoint Online provides free access to presentation templates, animations, photos, online videos, and transitions. Additionally, it grants free access to People that allows you to store the contacts as well as Sway to create stunning presentations and reports. However, its worth noting that these utilities have limited features open for free. For instance, you won’t be able to use charts equations, etc in Word Online and also Excel doesn’t allow you to use custom macros unless and until you purchase a license for full access.

3] Sign Up for 30 days free Microsoft Office 365 Trial

Avail Office 365 for free with their 30 days free trial. You can use the full version of Office2019 that includes major Microsoft utilities like PowerPoint, Excel, Word, Outlook, and others. You can install and use Office 365 on Macs and up to five PCs simultaneously. Additionally, with this subscriptions, you can use Office mobile apps on up to five tablets and phones. Moreover, it also gives access to 1TB of One Drive cloud storage for up to five users. However, to avail the free trial you need to provide credit card information at the signup process and Microsoft will charge your account $9.99 per month once the trial period expires. Hence if you don’t want to renew the program, make sure that you cancel the service before the trial period expires to avoid unnecessary deductions.

4] Sign Up for 30 days free Micros0ft Office 365 Pro Plus Trial
After the previously mentioned 30 days free Microsoft Office 365 Trial expires, you can sign up here and use Microsoft Office 364 ProPlus Trial to get an additional thirty-day trial to use Microsoft Office program.

5] Ask your Company or Institution to get free Office 365 packages
Use Microsoft Office free, without paying for it

Microsoft offers Office 365 for education and companies that qualified students, employees, and staffs to avail the service either for free or at a very low price. The productivity tool includes Excel, Word, OneNote, Microsoft teams and additional class management tools. To avail the service, make sure your organization has signed up for this offer. If your institution is already qualified for this program, simply enter your institution email address to get started.

6] Buy Windows Device that includes free Microsoft Office subscriptions
Some new Windows devices include a free copy of Microsft Office subscriptions which requires no monthly fees. Purchase these devices to use free Microsoft Office suite for a free one year subscriptions. Not all devices include a free copy, and mostly the Office programs are free on lower-end devices.

Or else … you always have the option to use a free Office alternative software on your Windows PC.

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Pavithra is a Windows enthusiast, who loves keeping abreast with the latest in the world of technology.

6 ways you can legally use Microsoft Office without paying for it

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For some, MS Office may not work as expected in above post.
It may not be free for long time.
But certainly till the period you can use it, it is best.

Otherwise there are many Keys that are sold online markets.
Check Best Rated Seller and with friends also.

Otherwise Google Drive is good alternative to use.
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Best free Microsoft Office alternative software

We are all very accustomed to using Microsoft Office. It is the most prevalent office productivity software for personal as well as business. Maybe it is time to get out of the comfort zone and explore some free alternatives that could open a whole new world of options and ease of use.
Free Microsoft Office alternative software
Microsoft Office has a lot of alternatives. This post takes a look at some of the best office productivity software for Windows systems:
  1. Apache OpenOffice
  2. Google Docs
  3. Trio Office Suite
  4. Lotus Symphony
  5. LibreOffice
  6. Zoho Office Suite
  7. SoftMaker Free Office
  8. WPS Office
  9. TeamLab Office Personal
  10. Polaris Office
  11. ThinkFree Office.
Here is a list of the 11 most efficient Office Suites that do almost everything Microsoft Office does. The good thing is that they are all free!

1] Apache OpenOffice
Free Microsoft Office alternative software

Apache OpenOffice Suite is totally free. The latest version was announced in November 2018 with the smoothest performance. This Office suite has been around for over a couple of decades now. The software is easy to use and very interactive. This suite is perfect for administration use as well as educational use, and commercial use as well as private use. You can share unlimited documents via this app for free. It is good if all the people you collaborate with have this app.

2] Google Docs
Google Docs

Google Docs has grown 13 years now. But it did not take this software long to become popular. Soon after its March 2006 release, people started trying it out. Eventually, a considerable number of people switched from Microsoft Office to Google Docs. The main reason why people liked Google Docs better is it enabled easy sharing and access of files over multiple devices. Download this collaborative software and enjoy its magic in over 80 languages.

3] Trio Office Suite
Trio Office

Trio Office offers perfectly fitting alternatives for Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Microsoft Excel, the three most commonly used apps from the Microsoft Office Suite. It is also compatible with Microsoft Office, Open Office, Google Docs, and some other major Suites for Windows. Download this suite for free from the Microsoft Store. It can access and edit multiple types of files irrespective of the device or the original suite the file was created on.

4] Lotus Symphony
Lotus Symphony

This Office Suite from IBM is free. It is free software that comes loaded with everything you might need. Download the software here and enjoy fast and efficient word processor, spreadsheets, and software for preparing presentations. The entire Microsoft Office package finds its replacement in this Suite. Thanks to the Open Document Format, you can easily access all files and edit and save them with no hassle.

5] LibreOffice

LibreOffice Suite is internationally popular. What users appreciate most about this free Suite is the smooth and candid interface. You can download this one for free and enjoy all its benefits. The Writer is the alternative to Word, the Calc is the alternative to MS Excel, and the Impress is the alternative to PowerPoint. There is Draw, Base, and Math to complete the package.

6] Zoho Office Suite

Zoho Office is another very popular software cluster that allows you to make very professional presentations and spreadsheets for free. You can use this software for core business presentations and documentation. You can also use this Suite to make notes, circulate HR policies, and make direct HTML exports. Check it out here. The features come in very handy.

7] Softmaker Free Office

SoftMaker FreeOffice is a cross-platform software that offers the Text Maker, Plan Maker, and Presentations, all for free. You need to get your free activation key by sharing your email ID. Download this software and choose your favorite skin, the Ribbon, or the Classic, and get working. This software comes with a plethora of configuration options to suit your convenience.

8] WPS Office
WPS Office

WPS Office very useful Office Suite finally got its free version. It used to be known as Kingsoft Office so don’t get confused if the Kingsoft website redirects you to WPS office. The free version is not limited to a few features. You get to do everything you want with this Suite. Make professional yet creative edits to your documents, make amazing presentations, and keep all your spreadsheets well organized.

9] TeamLab Office Personal
TeamLab Office

TeamLab Office has a free version that does everything you would need for your personal as well as for business use. This software offers unique formatting features and Cloud-based storage as well. It also supports HTML5, thereby expanding its user base. If you want an Office Suite that enables you to switch between file formats smoothly. Enjoy the Document Editor, Spreadsheet Editor, and the Presentation Editor, all for free.

10] Polaris Office
Polaris Office

Download the free version of Polaris Office and enjoy managing all your different files and PDF files smoothly synchronized over multiple devices. Upload and share with multiple Cloud storage services and choose from a range of over 12 available languages.

11] ThinkFree Office

ThinkFree Office provides you with online applications to create and work with documents, spreadsheets, and presentations, you need not install Microsoft Office or similar programs on your computer. It offers you a multi-platform syncing tool called ThinkFree Power tool – something similar to the SkyDrive Desktop that allows you to select and sync files between the ThinkFree cloud and your computer.

These office software clusters are all very useful and easy to handle. Anybody can make a great presentation using these suites. Make sure to download the free versions because they have everything you need.

Posted by KaranKhanna@TWC on May 27, 2019 , in Category Office with Tags Freeware
Karan Khanna is a passionate Windows 10 user who loves troubleshooting Windows problems in specific and writing about Microsoft technologies in general.

Best free Microsoft Office alternative software

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How Can You Get A Licensed Copy of Microsoft Office For Free and Legally? Is there any cheap product key for the latest Microsoft office suite, or is there any free alternative to Microsoft office I can use which is compatible with all versions of Microsoft Office as early as Office 2003, or as recent as Office 365. These are questions I get asked often by my clients. There is no need to look for pirate copies of Microsoft Office. Microsoft offers a free Office Online Version for all, at reduced features, but still good enough for most daily usage.

Alternatively, there are free alternatives to Office which is compatible to Office and all its sub applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc.

Whether you are on Windows, Linux, or Mac, these are my top ten ways to get Microsoft office legally either for free, or the best free alternatives to office, including two bonus ways of getting it for much cheaper than the full recommended retail price. Roll the intro.

I don't condone piracy. Plus there is no need for it. The following apps are suitable for most people's needs. However if you need the full latest suite from Office, or you absolutely need specific features of specific versions of office, then you will need to get yourself a legal full licensed copy from Microsoft or their partners.

First two are free online versions, starting with my number 1 recommendation, Microsoft's own Free Office Online version.

01:30 Option 1 – Office Online Free With An Outlook account

07: 53 Option 2 – Another online alternative: Google Apps – Google Docs

Rest is Offline

11:00 Option 3 – Libre Office; default linux

16:16 Option 4 – Apache OpenOffice

Apache OpenOffice for MacOS X

16:39 Option 5 – WPS Office

17:14 Option 6 - SSuite Office Premium HD+



17:48 Option 7 – Softmaker Free Office

18:22 Option 8 – Iwork for Mac OS

Pages, Numbers, Keynote

Other paid but cheap alternative:


18:43 Option 9: A Work rebate, special discount for employees, check with employer and/or microsoft website.

B - College University, like office 365, may only last until end of course, or 3 years from initial activation

19:43 Option 10: Online product key
Amazon and Ebay. Do your homework first, check return warranty

Bonus Option: Previous unused product key from older computers. Caution, changing hardware or reinstalling may prompt for reactivation of code, and, telephone activation has ceased for some versions, contact Microsoft. Also there may be issues around the legality of selling off a product license.

22:05 Conclusion and outro

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