Solo bike tour from Pune-Jammu-Kargil-Leh-Chardham-Manh more and back on cd100


People call me ARUN.....
Hello Sir!! It is so encouraging and adventurous at the same time to read through your experience mentioned above.... It is indeed a thunderous, bone chilly & hot experience!!!

My Hearty Congratulations!!!!! On completing this dream trip of your and also for not restricting to the plan and extending it further :)


Pareesh Trehan

Pareesh Trehan
Excellent anil da, you have done wonder, I am 100 % agreed with your sharing that one must have to start it whenever he thinks that it is possible & rest should be left on God's sake & see he will never left you alone. It is a spiritual journey also as your believe on God & in yourself increases many folds. Heartily congratulations.
Hello Everybody,

I completed my dream route on 24 Th July 2012.
It took me one complete month, from 25 Th June2012 to 24 Th of July 2012.

I covered 3,950kms on my bike Hero-Honda CD100SS, 18 year young (no problem at all). I was alone (I am 63 running) and I enjoyed it completely without any bad incident (Thanks for the Tourist-Friendly atmosphere from Jammu to Leh to Manali).

My route:
1. Pune to Jammu > by rail with my bike in Luggage van.
2. I started my bike Journey from Jammu.

Jammu> Vaisho Devi > Jammu > Unknown Place Halt in between Jammu & Srinagar > Srinagar (2-nights) > Sonmarg > Baltal > Amarnath Yatra > Sonmarg (total 3 nights) > Kargil ( night halt) > Sanko (night halt) > Rangdum ( night halt) > Sanko (night halt) > Lamayru (night halt) > Leh > Khardung La > Leh (4-nights) > Rumtse (night halt) > Biski Nala (night halt) > Tandi Bridge (night halt) > Manali (2-night halt) > Mandi > Chandigarh (night halt) > Delhi > Mathura (night halt) > Agra > Shivpuri (night halt) > Devas (night halt) > Dhulia (night halt) > Malegaon > Sangamner > Pune.

I have recorded my route on my GPS and have complete recording of route with time and elevations. I took over 1,500 photographs and 850 of them are geotagged.


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Great Adventure of One Month.........:grin::grin:
As I told, You are Younger...................:grin::grin:
Other Older men are doing it regularly........:grin::grin:
Waiting for Photograph with little description..:grin::grin:


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Hi Everybody,

Thank you for the applause.

But as I have already said it I am not the only one and there are many and much more adventurous people we meet on the way in Himalayas. I wish and I am sure that everyone of you will make it your trip too, some day. I wish to thank every one of you who wished me good luck and then read my log of completion and liked it. Just start it and you have half done it, go go go... you can do it.

Any questions for me, please contact me - [email protected]




Congratulations sir on having completed a magnificent trip. Hats off to your determination. Waiting for the pictures now :D


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Hi adsatinder,

If I decide to go again to Leh Laddakh route I will take your advise before I go.
Yes I appreciate and accept that you are more senior and experienced, I have just started on such long trips now so wish me good luck. My next destination is Goa. Then Kanyakumari. Keep in touch.