Solo bike tour from Pune-Jammu-Kargil-Leh-Chardham-Manh more and back on cd100


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Thank you for your suggestions which I got in my eamil too. I replied to your email.
Yes, the tender coconut is the magic on such trips. You might have had these plenty in your last trip to Jog falls; Karnataka is famous for tender coconuts.:)
Wire in Carburettor is the Modification done by Mechanics of Ladakh.
Local Mechanics Know Better Than Our Plain Mechanics for what will work on their Terrain.

Waiting for Water As The Half Glass Is Filled....................

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Anil Da..

Don't have words to say anything about this..
Was just stunned to read the few initial lines of your starting post.

Now I can proudly say what I've been always saying to my friends that "AGE IS JUST A NUMBER"..!!


RESPECT :supz::supz:


Aniljee, just got your pm and found that you are interested on finishing the travel log. Waiting for your posts to get a good travel log.


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I know I am taking too much time for updating, but please forgive me I am too much involved in various activities and responsibilities.
But today I am giving you the link of my most valuable photo album on picasa and I have uploaded it yesterday only.

This is a very valuable album since every photo is Geotagged, more than 800 photos. On google earth you will see their actual location within 2 meters accuracy, also time and date taken. This will help you know the road conditions and the status and that too related to time and season of the year. You will also know what to expect around you at these locations, the variety of stone, the green, the valleys, the mud, the ice, the colours, the loneliness, the food etc.

Happy wandering.