Solo cycling trip - Mumbai to Ratnagiri - April 2019


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Amazing. What did you do about luggGe? The small bag you are carrying was enough?
Did you use maps for navigation? Phone charging?
I was carrying only 2 spare t-shirts and a pair of shorts, and two water bottles, some basic medicines and electral packets. Ideally I should have installed a pannier rack but kept putting it off until it was time to leave and ended up carrying the backpack. Regarding navigation - the road is fairly easy to follow and one can always stop to ask for directions. I didnt use any navigation aid. I had studied the map before starting though. Plus I had traveled on parts of this road before by car so finding the way wasn't a problem. I was not using phone while riding. Used it only to call home during breaks, so battery lasted from morning to night. At night one can of course charge the phone at homestays.