Solo ride on my Platina bike covering Sach pass-Pangi-Lahaul-Rohtang-Manali to & fro Delhi

Pareesh Trehan

Pareesh Trehan
Great @Pareesh Trehan !
Great Inspiration !
Great Courage !
Great Moves !
Great Views !
Great Pics !

Thanks to @skysat2005 who guided to prepare you for a better ride of lifetime !
@skysat2005 himself has covered this stretch last year with another BCMTian !

I want detailed story about your stays, people you met, places you liked most, etc. etc.!
Thank you bhaaji, your & satish bhai contribution is not forgettable, am soon publish the story in details.

bali amit

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Friends just completed my approx. 1700 Kms solo ride on my ever trusted Platina Motorcycle with the grace of God & wishes,suggestions of all fellow BCMTians covering delhi-pathankot-bairagarh-sach pass-killer-Udaipur-tandi-rohtang-manali-naggar-kiratpur-delhi with minimal luggage in five days. here is a teaser

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great start ..............wanna see more................
Awesome bro. Great trip, that too on Platina. Please share details about night haults, When u did this trip.? Was there any difficulty during the trip due to Snow or Landslide.? How did u prepare for the weather conditions. Please share. I also have a dream to ride solo through sach pass. Will try in next year June.
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