Solo ride to Kothagiri, Ooty


Today is a memorable day for me. you know why, yesterday afternoon I decided to have a solo ride on a ghat road today:D. The immediate choice being Ooty. just 90+ kms away from Coimbatore. Since Ooty is affected very badly due to recent rain, the road has been closed and redirected via Kothagiri, another hill station in Nilgris. So the plan is like this.

Coimbatore - Mettupalayam - Kothagiri - Ooty.

I feel a glove is very important hence I purchased it in my lunch time. Since I want to start climb up at early in the morning, I decided to start by 4 AM. So Kept 3 alarms from 3-00AM with 15 mins interval :grin: Alas, I woke up by 2-50 :shock: another 1 hr for natures call, warm bath and engine warm up. I started by 4-05 AM!

Coimbatore - Mettupalaiyam

The early morning Coimbatore woke up already. Coimbatore - Mettupalaiyam road (NH67) is one of the worst roads I have seen. Is that an NH?? :confused:Lot of digs and dugs till Mettupalaiyam. I was about to loose my control at Karamadai when I accidentally disturbed by a pit!! shittt man :shock: Most of the fellow drivers were good, they used to trip the headlights except the Lorry demons :mad: who make me crazy everytime. There were no proper sign boards too.

I felt shivering on the way. I need to cover my hands with gloves and zip the jerkin to manage this cold. But its lovvvvly.

I reached Mettupalaiyam by 5-15 (49 [email protected]:10 hrs) and stopped there for a while for a hot tea. I asked the shop keeper for the way to Kothagiri diversion and started again. Its just a kilometer away we will be reaching the bridge on Bhavani river there we need to take diversion there. The stright road to Ooty is closed hence, we take a right deviation here.

Mettupalayam - Kothagiri
The deviated road is superb I can say. very stright, smooth. covered by green bushes on both sides. chillll wind makes me mad. I am not happy with my headlight, so I dint cross 60KMPH at nights at unknown places.

There is a board... what's it. வன விலங்குகள் நடமாடும் பகுதி. Animals crossing. :shock: I was shockkked. all stories about elephants and bisons. I am progressing If anything crosses my path, my plan is to take a U and come backk :D

There was a big hill in front of me. I could see the moving vehicle headlight rays here and there. This increased my thirst at no time I started climbing the hill! Being the first time in bike to ghat roads, I am very much enthoo but ride with much care. tripping lights, horn at turnings!

the view of the city at landscape is good to see. I started taking hairpin pends! When I was at 2nd HP bend, I saw the signs of sunrise.

The road is very good and smooth with necessary sign boards. I could see stones saying altitude 500 mts, 1000 mts etc. It was about 12 kilometers before reaching Kothagiri, there was a deep valley. I was very much enjoying it in the early morning. Alas mist is not formed. :( The drive becomes more and more interesting since I entered into tea plantations.

When I stopped my Glady for a natures call, I saw the beautiful sunrise in the east... lovvvlyy!

On the way I saw various places affected by rain. This is a minor one.

Mettupalaiyam - Coonoor - Ooty road is badly affected in many places notably at Ketti. Kothagiri Ooty is under repair.

Without much trouble I reached Kothagiri. This place is a nice place. The town is neat with wide and clean roads. Ooty is just 20+ kilometers from here. But a passer bye misdirected me to go in a diverted road used for lorries and buses. oofff..

Kothagiri - Iduhatty - Ooty
So the way changed like

Kothagiri - Iduhatti - Kothumudi - Ooty. Roughly 20 to 30 kilometers extra! The road is bad in many places. Some places contains only stones and sand nothing else. But being a hardly taken road, it is not polluted. I could see snow dripping grass, snow fuming inside tea plantations. Lovelly and challenging drive with steep curves, ups and downs.

Doddabetta peak
So due to multiple photo shoots I reached Doddabetta very late, by 08-45 AM (115 KMs @ 4-45 hrs). I purposefully wasted my time in photoshoots in odd places since I am borrrred out of ooty. I visited many times, I dont have a plan of sight seeing except doddabetta and Botanical garden.

Dodda is without crowd. So I am able to take multiple photos from this view point without any hussle. This is not at all possible in full seasons!:rolleyes:

You see my glady. He is very happy because he reached his all time high.

Getting down from Doddabetta I accomplished my mission at 09-35 :grin: I reached Ooty. (122 [email protected] 5:30 hrs :(:( )

I took one rava dosa from a hotel I used to regularly. Then had couple of shots at Botanical garden before leaving. You can see my album for pics from botanical garden and other missed clips. I dont want to include it here and bug you more!!

Ooty - Kothagiri - Mettupalayam - Coimbatore return
Return journey started by 10:40 AM. This time I returned the usual Kothagiri route without much trouble.

With two stops for 10 mins each in between for photo sessions, I got down from the hill by 12-20 (57 [email protected]:40 hrs).

With a fast pickup, we reach Bhavani bridge, Mettupalayam.

This time I dint prefer nasty NH67. I chose to drive in Annur Road to catch NH 209 for a hassle free drive to my home!!

So, to conclude.
245 Kms up and down at 10:30 hrs
Max speed reached
[email protected],
[email protected] and Annur-Coimbatore
[email protected]
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LED there be Light
..Animals crossing. :shock: I was shockkked. all stories about elephants and bisons. I am progressing If anything crosses my path, my plan is to take a U and come backk :D

Barathee, a really nice narration with innocence all over the place

and good captures on the way.

Congrats for this mini-achievement. Many more shall come