Sonam's Guest House, Hanle


Leh'd and how!
Re: Ladakh in May'13

Amazing. I had been waiting for this. Sonam is an amazing host and to see his guest house getting in order was long awaited.


Leh'd and how!
so how does one get in touch with them for bookings and to hire their vehicle to see the 2 lakes around there?
You will have to try your luck in Hanle. Generally, less than 10% of the total tourists in Ladakh land up there, so rest assured you will find something. There is only one satellite phone in the town.

Generally your own vehicle takes you to the twin lakes. Sonam has Tata 207 and you can request him for a round trip but that depends on his acceptance really.

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Re: Ladakh in May'13

If you are hiring a taxi from Leh, then you can book it in advance and ask the driver to get you booking in that guest house.

Posting couple of pics of the lady and guest house... Amazing hospitality... clean rooms... excellent food... from last visit June 2013


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Arey! This is the same place we stayed in, last year. Never new the name and its being discussed in length here!!
Good to know it has been developed. Due to absence of toilets we had quite an experience at Hanle!! :p
contact details for "PADMA HOME STAY" in hanle, contact : Sonam Dorjay

Phone Nos : Mob: 09469224302
DSPT : 08991922029

The good news is that the DSPT number is run by the IIA observatory, they charge Rs 5 per minute to make calls from there and is located at the IIA guest house,
Sonam will be available at the DSPT number at the guest house. His mobile number works only when he is in leh.
I was told that the DSPT number can be dialled only from a BSNL number, and will not be contactable thru any other service, dont know the truth of the same.