Sonam's Guest House, Hanle

Yogesh, i also forgot to add that Sonam home stay has 3 rooms currently, one of which is also being converted to have an attached toilet, and more importantly, the common toilet is ready.
Very useful info, Dhiren saab :) thanks for sharing. Any pics of the rooms?
John sir, we got lucky with the observatory GH, so did not stay in padma home stay, so no pics of the rooms, we did go upto the GH, and it definitely is getting a facelift, looks much different from the picture originally posted, construction activity was on full swing,

BTW, the champange is defitinely out, we did the chushul route without any hickups.
I spoke to Sonam about his guest house plans when we went to Kyun Tso.
.He had big plans, which included a room with attached toilet. However, he said that due to Chushul restrictions, tourist rush as come down a lot, due to which he is not sure if he can sustain this business. There was one other villager in Punguk(Village behind Hanle) who abandoned his plan due to chushul restrictions.
Add to that the Loma no camera business, and tourist rush is going down further.
Very soon, there may be no guest house in Hanle!
tanveer, sonam conveyed his regards to you and Mrs tanveer, i was discussing your trip to kyuntso with him in his pickup.