Spice Klub (Mumbai)


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Spice Klub is located at Lower Parel, opposite High Street Phoenix.

The highlight of restaurant is Methods / Ways of Serving.

Its Pure Veg and has a long waiting time on weekend.

Meal for 2 will cost around 2000 INR but recommended to go in group, so you can taste the variety of food.

Skip the main course and stick to appetizer and Dessert.


1 (1).jpg

Chutney n Pickle

1 (2).jpg

Paav Bhaji

1 (3).jpg

Flame Underneath

1 (4).jpg

Extra Paav

1 (5).jpg

Naanza - Naan with Cheese

1 (6).jpg

Pani Puri -

1 (7).jpg

Paani in Test Tube and Chutney in Injection.
Tastes ok ok, nothing great

1 (8).jpg



1 (9).jpg

Overhyped i felt, tastes ok ok. Will try Paan Moose next time. Some liquid nitrogen conncept


Dry Kulfi at Minus 196 degree, below is dry ice and liquid nitrogen in flask. Need to mix with one of 5 topping and enjoy the taste.

1 (10).jpg

Other specialities include : Vada Pav, Dahi Vada, Chat. Will try next time ;)