Spiti in Sept 2019 on bike

Hi am planning spiti in sept 2019 from Chandigarh-Kaza-Manali-Chandigarh.
I am shipping bike to Chandigarh from Mumbai. Bike is avenger 220 Street.
If anyone like minded also planning lets connect.

Or drop mail at [email protected]
@galandesan on insta

Munish gaur

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Start preparing for the ride.
1. Changed the rear tyre to 140/90 R-15 Tubeless
Disk pads to be changed as there is a lot of wear during Ladakh- Spiti Hilly roads Ride.
I have rear Drum brakes. Planning to change to DISK .
Leg guard to be upgraded to RE leg guard with 3 bars.
A double box carrier to be installed with boxes. the cost may be ~ 4500 -5500
Extra Fog lights near Main head light to be installed.
Riding to be changed to Better and wider seat with Back rest.
Supplies for emergency
Air Pump. and Puncture repair kit.
Head light Bulb.
Clutch wire.
Old brake pads to be carried as emergency reserve.
Extra tube can be carried as a safe guard for Burst tyre. ( can still continue with Burst tyre. )
Update :
Recently completed a trip from Delhi - Ludhiana- Jalandhar- Amritsar- Nangal - Chandigarh- Delhi.
The journey was split in 2 days driving ~ 400 km a day. (The conclusion is : it is not comfortable to drive more than 400 km in a day. )



Am planning for this trip as well, Am hiring Bike from Chandigarh. Please let me know your dates.