Spiti September end -Need help with a relaxed Itinerary on a bike

Hi guys
I would be thankful if anyone can provide me a detailed itenary (distances and places to stay would be a bonus if possible) for the spiti - Lahaul circuit !!! It would be great if someone can also provide a report on the road conditions there (I don't mind the terrain I mean if all the roads are open or not right now, considering the whether conditions)
I'm planning to do a solo trip on a ktm duke 390 so
  1. would appreciate if fueling details can be provided
  2. Places and guest houses to stay at
  3. If or not should I REALLY be taking my tent and sleeping bag ? (Not to keen on camping though)
  4. Any particular places on this circuit that need special PERMITS and where to get them from?
Though it's a solo trip as of now , I wouldn't mind if someone wishes to join in for the common goal (the circuit/destination), considering they have there own vehicle to drive (sorry but I don't prefer riding with a pillion). It's always good to travel and get to know new people.
Thanks in advance
Brothers please help me out !