Spiti Valley – A Seat with a View.


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3rd October 2017
A strange thing happens on every trip to mountain, no matter how tired you slept previous night but you will be out of the bed by 6 AM. The best part about this accommodation was our window opened to Kinner Kailash. Believe me this was one of the best sunrise, mountains changing colours, rays of sun having its effect, simply fabulous. Difficult to explain in words.

So Good Morning from Kalpa

After watching the Sunrise, reality stuck and in no time we were ready for the long day ahead. A big thanks to owner of Home-stay, who prepared tea for us early in the morning. Now a challenging task of hiking back to parking, owner's son helped us with luggage to reach the parking and came to see us off till the main road.

Importance of Money: In this crazy world including me, you and almost everyone are running behind the money, however owner's son who dropped us off till main road was not ready to accept the small token from us, after lot of convincing I had to literally keep the money in his pocket, he wasn't rich or big shot, but the generosity which he displayed touched us completely.

Anyways moving ahead we crossed Reckong Peo and proceeded towards Fuel Pump, Full tank and we were down on the main highway from Reckong Peo on the way to Spiti Valley, now the problem with the Bike started, in lower gears, bike switched off + at the same time, roads started deteriorating. I was again in a dilemma, whether to proceed ahead or turn back. Confused, isn't it, yes, so there comes a break for 5 minutes. In those 5 minutes, I parked the bike on the main stand, kick started it, it was back to life, further I changed gears on standing position and everything appeared to be sorted.

The next paragraph will explain how we create problems in our mind and are so stubborn on it, that even if things go right, we start doubting everything. Now I had to take a decision whether to move ahead or turn back, I decided to move ahead, in this entire process I literally had to convince my mind that this problem will persist throughout the trip and you will keep moving ahead. I followed this principle and the result were simply outstanding. Numerous weird thoughts of breakdown I had, I imagined breakdown at Chandrataal, Kunzum La, Batal, etc. You know after this 5 minutes break, things started to ease, I was no longer tensed about the situation and smoothly kept moving ahead, even though bike had problem.

Next comes the Roadblock, a huge bulldozer got switched off and it was in the middle of the road completely blocking the road, Traffic was standstill Cars, Bullets, Bus, were least bothered about the Traffic Jam and were enjoying the repair process of bulldozer. In the meantime, I went to the site where bulldozer was stuck, I observed there was a small space which was enough for FZee to pass. I requested one of the travellers, who was Himachali to help us pass through this small space, and in next 10 minutes he bought his gang and asked me to bring the bike, 2 guys managed the bike from the front, one from the mountain side and myself from behind and I was out of Traffic jam, I thanked all of them from bottom of my heart and kept moving ahead. En-route saw a board for Namikla Pass, which I always wanted to visit, but couldn't make it due to limited time + permit process is bit difficult, something for next time. I wanted to see the Khab Confluence because on previous visit we drove through the dark in this patch. Finally made it to Khab Bridge was happy to see this wonderful place. The drive through the Ka Zigs was smooth. A quick observation, while riding from Khab Bridge to Nako there was complete desolation, nothing came to our mind, it was just us, the roads and our bike.

Now We were at Nako. Parked the bike and took a stroll towards Nako Lake, beautiful place indeed. However it was bit filthy, A more attention from local authorities can make wonder to this small hamlet. Lunch was Momos and Soup, the decend from Nako was smooth all the way till the Sumdo Checkpost. After entering details at Sumdo Checkpost, we moved ahead towards Giu. Again on my previous visit this place was missed. Roads were decent all the way till Giu. Giu village was deserted when we passed through it. A new monastery has come up besides the building where Mummy is kept, it looks simply beautiful. We spent around 30 minutes at Giu admiring the positive aura of the Campus. It was so peaceful there on the hill top, that we knew the reason why Mummy was still there embarking its presence. When we left Giu, we experienced that we were extremely happy, didn’t understood why. Anyways we kept moving ahead towards Kaza, next village enroute was Tabo, Tabo has accommodation option as well however daylight was still there, so decided to proceed ahead towards Kaza. We reached Shichling and then thought why not spend a night at Dhankar, Kaza is just 30 kilometers from Dhankar, which can be covered easily next day. So we left the main Shimla – Kaza Highway and proceeded towards Dhankar. After climbing the Dhankar loops we were at Dhankar Monastery (The New One which is at the entrance of Village), adjacent to it, there is a Home-stay, enquired with them and we got the decent room for the night. Bike was parked on the back side of Monastery Office. Post dinner, we retired to our room, however sleep was out of question till 1 AM, which was strange. Somehow I understood it as a form of AMS, took Diamox and luckily we were fast asleep.

Apple Warehouse

Bridge, always a fascination

I was glad to see beautiful tarred road in this part of India, thanks to BRO

Diversion for Namikla Pass - Something for the next time.

Khab Bridge, The Confluence point of River Spiti & Sutlej

Beautiful Ka Zigs

Break to Admire the View


Beautiful Nako Lake






The Deity inside the Giu Mummy Building

The Mummy


The Monastery Building, Giu

The Campus of Giu Monastery

Mountains on both the side - No sun - feeling cold

Naturally Gold

Now we can see the the other end of Spiti Circuit

Tabo Bridge

Lovely Evening

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4th October 2017 - Part 1

Good Morning from Dhankar - This were the views from the Home stay balcony.







Today's day is going to be very interesting and quick. By 7.30 Hours we were ready to move towards Kaza. After Quick photography of monastery and surrounding from the gallery of the home-stay, we were descending the Dhankar Loops. The weather was pleasant and we were moving quickly towards Kaza passing through magnificently shaped mountains, a typical Spiti Valley mountains.

So finally after riding for 3 days all the way from New Delhi, we finally made it to Kaza, the Headquarter of Spiti Valley, happiness was beyond imagination and we had gone bonkers clicking pictures. After 15 minutes, reality stuck and there were lot of ToDo's pending to be completed in Kaza, starting from buying the BSNL card, bike checking, buying woollen gloves, fuel, etc. So we quickly passed through the Kaza Bus Stand and moved inside the market. Personally for me, Bike checking was important, so I spent majority of the break time with the only mechanic in Kaza. We scrutinised my bike and tried to fix up by adjusting the screw for accelerator. For that particular 15 minutes, bike would be normal and thereafter problem would begin, by this time, I has accepted it as a part of ride, so was not much worried. After completing ToDo, we moved to the last petrol pump to fuel up the tank.

All set for exploring the Spiti Valley Circuit. There are 2 main circuit around Kaza which people explore
1. Kaza - Langza - Kommic - Hikkim - Kaza
2. Kaza - Key - Kibber - Tashigong - Kaza

Believe me, its one of the fantastic rides / drives, there is proper tarred road till Langza, thereafter no road. Our movement was quick all the way till Langza. The Buddha Statue mesmerised us completely and we were just awestruck, it was as if we never wanted to leave this place. With heavy heart we moved ahead, now time to touch highest village and highest post office. The dirt trail from Langza took us to Komic, the road was challenging for bike but manageable. (Road from Kaza to Komic via Langza is entirely ascend) The board of highest village was proudly posing at the entrance of Komic Village, another beautiful place to explore at Komic was Komic Gompa, simple but very peaceful. Clicked some wonderful pictures for memory and started descending towards Hikkim, now Hikkim has a post office, which is claimed to be the highest in the world, one has to park the vehicle on the road and walk down few metres to reach the post office, how can we miss the opportunity to get clicked at this place, so off we went to the post office. After few clicks and selfies, we were back to our bike and were quickly descending through the difficult ride back to Kaza. If I recollect if correctly, Mayuri was having slight headache at Komic and Hikkim. The Headache went away as we descended, so this was again a symptoms of AMS. So this is how we completed first circuit.

Now it was time for second circuit.:eek: What about lunch?
Lets wait for next post.:)

Dhankar Monastery



Clicked En-route to Kaza


Prayer Flags

The road we travelled to reach Kaza, Spiti Valley

Finally Kaza, Spiti Valley







The Chorten at Kaza


The Fuel Pump at Kaza

Kaza Town

En-route Langza

Langza Village

Langza Buddha Statue




Komic Monastery









And the Highest Village





Komic Village


Hikkim - Highest post office in the world.



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Another concern was whether Bike can be transported through Rajdhani Express. I had confirmed it with Railway Parcel Office in Mumbai Central but still was skeptical about it, so 2 days before the D – Day, I once again went to Mumbai Central and confirmed it with Railway Parcel Office, also got the contact number of packing guys.
Hi i also wishing to transfer my bike trough railway i am from Mumbai,
Can you give me detail of person or any more information