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Yes, As soon as you reach Khab Bridge to ascend for Kahzigs and Nako, the Board says Welcome to Hangrang valley.

In my video, starting at 6 min mark you can find the Board at Khab bridge.

Lovely video....
One saw a fair amount of vehicles coming from the opposite side.
Spiti has become a pretty popular destination.
My first visit was in 2004 and the desolation that one experienced as we were ascending the Kazigs was something else.
In 2012, the new Khab bridge was operational. The old bridge was still in place. I don't see the old bridge now.

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Day 4 Contd . For Tabo we had done booking at Maitreya Regency. Hotel is located right in the middle of beautiful tiny village.
A beautiful hotel, magnificent views from our balcony and the best part was cleanliness. When we were provided with keys, we were welcome by two beautiful rooms with nice wooden work from inside. We knew this would be one of our best stay throughout this trip.
Below is a pic of the room.

Charge that we paid for a single room with twin occupancy was 2000 INR. Fair enough I guess for the peak season.


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We took some rest, had some tea to get refreshed and then went outside to see beautiful Tabo village.

Went to New Tabo Monastery which had closed by that time. Took few snaps around monastery and headed to Kunzum Top restaurant to have some snacks. Himalayan food being served at places like Spiti and Ladakh always fascinates me. So we ordered Thupka and Spitian Thali.

Posting few pics below :











Suneesh Sharma

Love my Iron Beast
Few more pice below from Tabo village :

Delicious momos and Thupka that we had at cafe Kunzum Top.

And this is the Spitian Thali we had ordered. Every bite of it was refreshing. I believe main credit goes to the heavenly water in which food items are cooked.

Few wonderful flowers that were captured inside the restaurant

Rajat (@RomeoOnBoard ) and Mansi having fun .... They were trying legendary dance step of the great Jitendra - Ta Thaiya Ta Thaiya song

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