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Suneesh Sharma

Love my Iron Beast
Day 5 - Tabo to Kaza .

I and Mansi got up early to go to Old Tabo Monastery. Someone told us that morning prayers start around 6:30 am but when we reached , Monastery was inncomplete silence.
Anyways , it gave us good amount of time to take few clicks around the area. Went further to new monastery aas well where monks were chanting their religious mantras....
Seeimg them reading through their holy book and constantly chanting those mantras took that place to another level.

Below are few pics :

As we started from Tabo to Kaza, it started drizzling and temperature went down further.
Took a small halt near Spiti river clicked few snaps and then marched towards magical land - Kaza

Road from Tabo till Kaza is pretty smooth with occasional rough patches. We were able to reach Kaza in about 1:15 hours with few breaks in between.
As soon as you enter Kaza, you will get a feeling as its a little busy town with few auto repair shops, one atm, local market and few hotels.
Both cars were taken to one of the workshop where we got air filter cleaned. Its a must when one goes to places like Ladakh or Spiti. Rough patches, wind, slush, gravels choke air filter of vehicles that might cause an issue later. So to be on the safer side, its a good practice to follow.

Mansi just admiring stunning beauty of these gigantic Himalayas. Nothing unusual, and it happens with everyone. Serenity of such places just makes you feel as if you have landed on Mars , Moon or whatever you can think off.

Iconic fuel station at Kaza. When we reached here to provide feed to our babies (our cars ) , there a was a huge queue and one poor guy was managing to fill. Suddenly we realised there is another queue for Self Service , which in India we couldnt have experienced . So here was a chance to get hands on experience of lifting that fuel pipe and give some nutrition to our cars. A unique one though

Magical land - Kaza

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Suneesh Sharma

Love my Iron Beast
Day 5 Contd . Kaza, Langza, Hikkim and Komic
we had booked HPTDC hotel at Kaza via online booking. Reached hotel around 11:45. Rooms were ok , not as good as we had expected. Buy still I felt with amount we had payed and complimentary breakfast and dinner we got , overall deal was fine. Rooms that we got had to be made tidy , so we thought it was right time to head for Langza , Hikkim and Komic.
Checked with hotel manager and being a local guy he said road is good.:lol::lol:.
Keep in mind , what these local guys say never take it seriously. For them easy is highly difficult for us. hahahah :supz::supz:..
Anyways dont dont to put any denotivating factor here .Road to Langza is pretty steep but very much doable.
So adventure began and as we reached at the top, we were welcome by magnificent landscapes.
Langza is one such place, which I loved most after Ladakh.

Below are few pics from Langza.

Best part of heavenly Langza.
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