SPITItual journey : June 2019


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After Dhankar Monastery, we headed towards Lallung, Thought of visiting Dhankar Lake, but due to bad weather & no other Guidance we dropped the idea.
Nothing much to explore in Lallung. Then proceeded to Lingti. Lingti is on KAZA Road from where road connects to PIN Valley, We headed towards pin Valley, after Crossing Spiti River, there was entry point of PIN Valley


Road to Pin Valley runs along Pin River ( Which Originates from Parvati Glacier from where Parvati River is also originated but flow towards Kheerganga, tosh, Manikaran Side)

Next Halt was Gulling Village in PIN Valley. We were feeling Hungry & was looking for lunch but Got only Maggi as lunch. I was bit surprised that in peak season for tourists there was only 1 food joint open, that too was serving Maggi only. On inquiry we came to know that only few travelers passes from here & generally they dont stop & heads directly to MUDH.



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Its My Personal liking but i must say Spiti Trip is incomplete without visit to this Awesome Place. Mudh Village is end of Pin Valley Road. From here a trek starts for Pin Bhabha Pass, & Also a trek which connects to Parvati Valley.
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That Night (6th June 2019) was the Most Freezing night i have ever experienced ( Specially in Summers). The Temp was must be below Zero.
We Stayed at Ibex home stay. There are limited homestays in Mud, mostly were occupied. Still we got a room @ ₹800. But Gyser wasnt working. Next Day we were handed over our Bill. PLEASE NOTICE Guest Name in Invoice (Are we in a Foreign Country:-o:-o )



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Day 5 : Mud-Kaza-Losar-Kunzum-Kaza
By this time we were assured by many persons that road beyond kunzum is not opened, even some them said you may not be able to reach kunzum. So it was sure that we cannot complete the circuit. Even if can reach Kunzum then it would be proved our trip worthful. So decided that from Mud we will go to Kaza & then Decide. Without wasting time also w/o taking bath (Gyser was not working) we started for kaza at 8 AM.


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Very nice going, with some beautiful pics of Pin valley. Do post more pics of Pin valley.
Also share details of white lotus Tabo,.like location, contact number, service quality for reference of fellow travelers.

Looking forward to your drive towards the mighty Kunzum.