Split AC or Window AC to cool two rooms?


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I am planning to Purchase AC in coming two theee day. I have wasted 40k on Godrej AC and it was worse that i have to purchase new one this year. I can only Afford 1.5 ton AC. My Dad is saying to go for Window AC but since we have to cool two room with single ac i think we should go for Split AC as we don't have proper window we have one that too on Top of Door so Window AC will going to be install at the height of Split AC which is Lame i think but since i am not Expert i need some Expert Advice from here which AC will be good to cool both the rooms. Also some suggest me company. My Dad is ready to Purchase Ogeneral Window AC 1.5 Ton but we cannot Afford Ogeneral Split AC as it's very costly. So we have to go for some another company for Split AC. Please help me out.
This is the rough idea of my House


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O General window 1.5 AC with 2-3 star ratings is good.
But for 2 rooms it may be less.
1.5 Ton Window AC has to work more for 2 rooms.
Cost part will be of 1 AC but time taken to cool the 2 rooms will be more.
However O General is much efficient than other ACs .
It will serve the purpose better than any other AC.

No harm in using Window AC as its performance is also very good as its Cool Air Throw (wind) is faster than other ACs.
You will not regret the decision about O General.

You can get other AC whenever you can afford other one in coming years.
Use Cooler in Rooms first to cool them down.
Then AC will work more efficiently.
Many friends have such arrangements.


Only problem with 1 Window AC will be that
If AC is fitted in 1st bedroom, then it will cool 1st Room with door closed.
Then turn of 2nd one will come.
2nd Bedroom will become cool after sometime only.
Just keep it this way.
No harm.
If you have Jaali Door in 2nd Bedroom (Balcony side) then use cooler for both Bedrooms first to cool them.
This trick will work in hotter days only.
During Humid days 1st Bedroom will be cooled first by AC as Cooler is useless in such humid weather.

If I have such budget,
I will try above mentioned methods.

A friend also uses 1 AC for 2 Rooms.
He cools 1st bedroom first where family spends most of the time.
2nd Room can be cooled lazily 7 easily with more time at night when both Bedrooms are used.


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First, I am very keen to hear why you have to purchase a new AC when you have the Godrej AC?
Second, where was the Godrej fitted? Wouldn't that be the logical place to fit the new replacement AC?
Third, a window unit does as good a job as a split, and is easier/cheaper to maintain.
General (not Ogeneral!) is a great brand and well proven in demanding conditions.


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Installation of any airconditioning unit (be it a split or window) should be done at a good height, if possible as close as to the roof!
It is not lame, and there is a reason behind this. :)


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The only Reason i not opting for Window AC is because i don't have Window and i have to Fit it on top of Door. So basically i have to Fit the Window AC at the Height of Split AC i hope this won't going to cause any Problem wit Cooling?


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The only Reason i not opting for Window AC is because i don't have Window and i have to Fit it on top of Door. So basically i have to Fit the Window AC at the Height of Split AC i hope this won't going to cause any Problem wit Cooling?
The ONLY problems will be to take the unit down from that height for servicing every year; and for you to reach up to take out the air filter for cleaning every month or so. There are no other drawbacks.
Even for a split AC indoor unit you need to reach up to that height to clean the air filter. And it is more difficult than for a window unit.
You could consider getting a suitable cut out made in the wall to mount the window unit.


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The Customer Care of General and Even the Shop Keeper told me same thing that usual height of Window AC should be 3-4 Feet above the Ground Level and my Room in 12 Feet and I have one Window which is at 10 Feet. They said that it will going to Affect the Cooling. I can afford General Window AC and cannot Afford Split AC because i have to pay for other things separately like Stand, Pipe, Fitting (Cost is High for Split AC) So basically the Problem is If Height won't be Issue i would have Purchase 1.5 Ton AC of General. If you guys saying 2 Ton than I have to go for Some Other Brand like Carrier or Hitachi because 2 Ton of General is Costly. Second This if Winow AC height is Problem I obviously have to Go for Split AC and for Split AC General is not Option because it's Costly so again I'll go for 1.5 Ton Split Ac of Either Hitachi or Carrier. If you know any Other Reputated Company please suggest me. Also those who are saying about Cooler well No i don't have Any Cooler i will fit AC in Bedroom 1 and i have to Cool both Bedroom 1 and Bedroom 2 with single AC. I am fit Exhaust fan in Bedroom 2 if that can help any how as some people suggested me that.