Srinagar - Leh road status, 2011


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I have my doubts if it really opens on 27th April, let's see. Every year I have seen this kind of news for both Srinagar and Manali route which is far from reality.

Tanveer, the snap in the star news site, isn't it the same snap taken on last year 22nd April, you posted in Manali thread and if that is so, it's your safari only, have they got your permission to publish the snap?


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any way brothers,
i am starting on my kanyakumari- kashmir/ladaakh trip this weekend(first week of may) hope the road opens soon.....
keep the thread posted of the latest status
anyway its raining cats and dogs in trivandRUM right now


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I have mailed them. No response. As for watermarking, I can put a corner watermark on all my pictures, but thats easy to crop out. If I put a watermark across the picture, it will ruin everyones viewing experience.
If they had given reference to my website in the article, I would have let it pass, but I am going to ask for compensation.
Its high time they learn copyright law.

Their sister concern TV networks will go out of the way to prevent piracy of their programs, and yet they themselves don't care about IP!