Srinagar - Leh road status, 2011


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hi Tanveer, snow does pile up beyond 20 ft at Zoji La and the problem gets insurmountable because of gradient and avalanche. there are hardly any rocks around Captain Morh but avalanches are as frequent as once a week through out the winters. Between Ghumri and Zoji La, lesser avalanches but more snow, at times going beyond 20 ft too. So, it is not within the capabilities of wire mesh and holders since slopes do not support such arrangements and width of the road can not be reduced further. Tunnel, as and when comes in, will be a better and permanent answer.
Sirji, 20feet over entire season is nothing. Many alpine roads in Europe which are kept open in winters have avalanche risk, and cumulative snowfall of 20-30 feet over the entire winter season.

I saw just 3-4 Ice cutters.

With 10 dedicated Ice cutters and bulldozers, they can easily clear the road after every major snowfall.

Its just a matter of allocating resources.

Trust me, if there is an emergency(war etc.,) the BRO is quite capable of clearing the Entire Manali leh road in a matter of days in peak winter season.

Just give a 100 crore budget to Zoji la, and it will become an all weather road.

After all, a lot more was eaten by netas in CWG games!

In 2010 April, I had a chat with BRO team at Rohtang top. With 1 ice cutter and 2 bulldozers, they were clearing 1km a day.

They told me that with 3 cutters and 4 bulldozers to follow, they can easily do 10kms a day.

Right now they would cut ice.
then run bulldozer,

Some ice would fall back, cutter would come back.

Then again 2 sets of bulldozing.
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Have to agree with tsk there.

There are worst storms in the US where cars and everything are burried under many feet of snow. In a matter of hours everything is set right as they have modern powerful machines to clear snow. Its more a matter of will, who cares about some lakh odd people living on the other side of the pass.


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hi dear all, am at srinagar now. very cold now. yesterday night temp was -3.8 today is rainfall since 2:30 pm. till now. maybe possibility of snowfall. in kashmiri local language chill-e-kalan is going to start from tomorrow onwards for 40 days. it means 21-dec to 31 jan period of seaver cold.