Srinagar - Leh road status, 2011


thanks tanvir for reminding...

+1 to tomar saab,

but bad news is that a new toll plaza is ready to welcome you at "Solakhian" pre -Ropar, & can be operational at any time between this May/June(unconfirmed date is 1st May as per my knowledge), & i heard that its going to be Rs.100/- + for cars for Kurali-Kiratpur section.
second bad news is Shambhu toll plaza on GT road near Ambala is proposed to be shifted on Ghaggar bridge a few meters towards ambala which will affect users of Tepla-Banur-Kharar road too, so as to enable our people friendly governments to spare enough money for kalmaris and Rajas. sorry for OT.


Well now the official website of Ladakh Council is also showing as the Srinagar - Leh highway as open ....
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This is a great news that Srinagar-Leh is back on track! :)

Just hoping no more calamities till the Leh biking season stops... Assuming that this road will be in good shape by mid june!


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External link : Tribune India

Srinagar - Leh highway opens to traffic

Zojila Pass, May 2

The strategically important Srinagar-Leh National Highway was thrown open to vehicular traffic today after it remained closed for more than five months due to heavy snowfall.

The highway was thrown open by the General-Officer-in-Commanding of Srinagar-based 15 Corps of the Army, Lt-Gen SA Hasnain. “This is a strategically important communication route and I thank the men of the BRO, who worked tirelessly to open this route. They are doing a service to the nation and every man, who contributes to opening the logistic arteries and logistic routes, is doing an important job. All of you are working for a national cause,” Lt-Gen Hasnain said.

The Srinagar-Leh highway was closed to vehicular traffic on November 26 last year after the high altitudes of the Valley, including the Zojila Pass, experienced heavy snowfall. The highway passes through the 11,900-ft high Zojila Pass and receives the heaviest amount of snowfall during winter, resulting in the closure of the road for five to six months annually. “The stretch from Gund to Drass closes every year for a period of six months in November or December due to heavy snowfall. The BRO undertakes summer snow clearance from March every year by deploying snow removing equipment and dozers. The average height of snow accumulation is 15 to 30 metres,” said Brig TPS Rawat, Chief Engineer of the Project Beacon.

He said despite early snowfall in the third week of October, 2010, the Zojila Pass was kept open till November, 2010, by the project Beacon to ease the hardships of the people of the Ladakh region.