Stranded Alone In A Fresh Heavy Snow Fall For 122 Winter Days. An Amazing Travelogue


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Top Singh Ji Juley..

What do I say??No words can explain it.. We think that we are into adventure but this tale would take air out of everyone.

I am completely speechless. This was truly bone chilling. It is always on my mind from the time I have started reading this.

Kudos to Sh. Puran Singh Ji for surviving that harsh side of nature and Hats Off to you also for making it out of that harsh stretch on foot in one day and now narrating Puran Ji's story to all of us.

However I have one question, though I am so confused that even if I deserve to ask anything or not. Also my intent is to just solve a little confusion and not to offend anyone. Still would apologize if I am not being able t frame this question correctly. When you posted, Sh. Puran Singh Ji's photograph and mentioned that he couldn't tell the story and the narration is yours, what did you mean by that. How did you manage to narrate it in such detail?

I am totally hooked and would be waiting for your next update.



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i don't know how i missed this thread. a great saga of survival by puran singh ji, beautifuly brought to life by top singh ji. has all the ingredeints of a hollywood blockbuster. congrats to both the heroes and thanks for bringing it on for all of us. waiting for more.
Re: Stranded Alone In A Fresh Heavy Snow Fall For 122 Winter Days. An Amazing Travelo

The story moved me all right! In fact I even copy pasted all his posts into one document and embarked on a editorial correction of the language, syntax, spellings, punctuation and grammar. But that will remain only for my benefit, till I receive a go ahead from him to post it here again in his thread. Or maybe never, there is a sweet flavour to his language that should not be taken away by an (over) enthusiastic imposer like me. Maybe that is why people have kept away from such a task. I don't want to be perceived as rude, that too right at the beginning of my innings at BCMT!

Juley..Lithium Sunset...
Its my pleasure that you did the copy paste of all the posts of mine here which I have not yet tried to do. And again did the job of corrections for which I appreciate you. It is interesting to know that you corrected my sentences by keeping the flavour of my language and it will be an interesting thing for me to read such a re-written story of mine. I will be thankful if you could E-Mail me the same to [email protected]. Yes one thing remained to tell you is that I entered in the Govt. School Katrain (Kullu) 1962 when there were no english medium schools here i.e. why my english language is poor but the Hindi is strong being studied in Hindi medium School from Ist class onward. Juley.
Re: Stranded Alone In A Fresh Heavy Snow Fall For 122 Winter Days. An Amazing Travelo

Haven't heard any update from fellow BCMTians on their follow ups.

Update from my side:
After several mails/reminders to Discovery who do not even bother to respond to mails, last Sunday I had written to National Geographic head office who promptly responded to the mail on Monday asking me to get in touch with India office. Then I could locate one Ms. Lubina Sayed, who is an AVP at Star India Private Limited who in turn work for NG. Unfortunately she was not in her seat when I called her this morning.
I am not sure how she responds or directs me to some other appropriate person.
Keeping fingers crossed and will keep you posted.
Thanks a lot for pursuing the matter at your level best. Yes, obviously it happens when the NG/Discovery authorities doesn't respond to the mails, they keep silence but I appreciate their efforts and zeal. Thanks again a lot. Juley.


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Top singh ji,pranaam.
This is Dr sameer / polly/ bajaura.
Eagerly waiting for ur retirement ( read free time).
A great trek wid u,is waiting since long.
How abt mantalai?
Top singh ji .... This looks like an episode straight from "Man vs Wild" or "I shouldnt be alive". No words are fit to praise the courage and grit to survive in such weather with limited food and no contact with outer world. Hats offf .... Applause ... :)
Juley..Rohit Kothari ji...
A bundle of thanks for liking and appreciating the travelogue. I tried my best to make the travelogue interesting but since the Hero was to be sheltered alone in a room only so it was difficult to describe more activities there but in the case of "Man v/s Wild" and "I shouldn't be alive" the Hero strolls in the forests, rivers, sea etc. that too with friends showing glamors, romances etc. They are seen in the different places of interests. They share the two men tents and Caves for their night stay with females means they make it a Bollywood Masala Films. Yes, if I am given a job to write an episode for them, I can also write some good ones because of wider scope there. JULEY.