Streams, Stones and Showers : An unusual trek to Hampta Pass

There are 3 types of Vacations.

One, the vacations that are based on heart’s own ideas. Every bit of you wants to live them out.
Second, the vacations that are planned when the first one does not have consent from all the stakeholders.
And third, the vacations that happen when the entire universe plays a brutal conspiracy and overrides the first two types!!

August 2013

Whenever my eyes wandered to this month in the table top calendar at my office desk, my mind always had the same vision. The serene, calm town of Diskit, lying quietly under the quilt of stars<CUT>My fearless love fiercely crossing the rugged Khardungla pass<CUT> Me, with my love zooming along the smooth black tar surface of Leh-Srinagar Highway approaching Gurudwara Patthar Sahib. My love, gliding like a hovercraft on its weathered tubeless tires.
CBZ Xtreme never looked such a hunk!:cool:

This was my own idea of a much needed vacation this year. But, this couldn’t materialize coz a friend who is always the part of my plans, wanted to do a Himalayan Trek. (No complaints though!):)

So we zeroed on trekking to Hemkund Sahib and Valley of Flowers this year. I am not keen on trekking on my vacations but the Shutterbug in me got alive and danced whenever it heard the name of Valley of Flowers. \\:D/\\:D/\\:D/\\:D/
So, this became the second Idea of my vacation this year. This one went a bit ahead than the first one as the tickets were done, Googling had started and most importantly, the mindset was molded.

But the universe has its own plans too. The flash floods in Uttarakhand drew a line that no one would dare to cross. Such fierce natural behavior is really a reminder to the man, to mind his ways. Sad, really sad. May the souls of unfortunate travelers, devotees and residents rest in Peace.[-o&lt;

Nevertheless, we cannot go to Uttarakhand now. August was nearing and my vacation seemed ready to be crushed. It was Hampta pass that saved it. Not just saved it, but it’s now etched in my memory so profoundly that now whenever I experience rains, Hampta Pass comes alive in me.:supz::supz: Yes, you read that right!! Read out further to know the story of a Vacation that was based on this third Idea.


Day 1: Vacation starts in Mumbai

Day 2 and 3: Delhi, Manali, Naggar and Manikaran

Day 4: The trekking begins, so do the Showers : Manali - Prini -Jobri to Chikha

Day 5: Showers persist, Streams join the adventure: Trekking from Chikha to Balu-Ka-Gera

Day 6: Now it's the turn of Stones: Trekking from Balu-Ka-Gera to Shia-Goru (Via Hampta Pass)

Day 7: Sunlight finally!! Trek from Shea-Goru to Chattru to Unknown Destination

Day 8,9 and 10: The last days..

A sneak Peak at whatever rains allowed me to capture: :p















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Re: Streams, Stones and the Showers!!

Awesome start.. 3rd pic Lord Shiva (The Mahakaal) is awesome.. no words at all for that...

I am hooked to the log.. bring it on...