Streams, Stones and Showers : An unusual trek to Hampta Pass


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You really got to say hats off to the BCMTians! They way discover new paradises in India and recording them so meticulously! I can't wait to learn more and see the splendid images!
Day 1 : The vacation starts at Mumbai

Thanks all for the motivation.

Here is the next leg.. :)

So, Hampta it was!! In this age of Google, vacations start earlier than usual. It's bad in a way. It kills the curiosity and packs us with a lot of expectations. While it should be other way round. Anyway, All my free time was now spent in reading trek-logs, browsing Photographs and most importantly hourly Climate checks. Inventory started building. Mind it; I said inventory building and not packing. :p . Packing has always been a last day affair! And if you ask what inventory, it was only around and about my Canon 550D. Extra Batteries, extra memory, rain cover and a brand new 70-300 mm Tammy!! After all, it was first vacation for my Lens buddy..:grin:

9th August, 2013
Left office at about 10 PM. It’s usual time under normal circumstances. But given the fact I am going on a 10 day vacation, of which 5 days were to be spent in an exile, it’s pretty late.
11 PM, I reach home and dump everything that I felt could be useful in my 55 liter rucksack. At the end of the day, only when I was unable to lift it up, I decided that a whole lot of things rather be non useful than be on my shoulders..:D:D:D

10th August, 2013

So, the vacation begins.

Statutory warning: From here on, you’ll be tempted to leave your work, and go on a vacation. Author holds no responsibility of used up leave balances and Leave without Pay.:twisted:

Great journeys are bound to have a great start. Mine had its first day in Mumbai. Pragati Express departed bang on time from Pune station. May be the train had realized that there is someone aboard who doesn’t want to waste even a second of his vacation. Me and my friend Ashwini were to travel from Pune to catch Nizamuddin Garibrath from Mumbai. Though the train was scheduled at 4 PM, I always prefer starting early and roaming about in Mumbai rather than end to end travels. Breaks are important while on a vacation too..

So, Mumbai. How do I describe this city? I spent 4 years here during my Engineering. 4 years were enough for developing a strange Love-Hate relationship with city of dreams. This is where all my senses sense just one thing “People”. ;)

Struggling with our sweat glands, the agitated crowd and reason for their agitation “our 55 L rucksacks”, we visited Siddhivinayak and Mahalakshmi Temple. Our train was from Bandra Terminus and I was very keen on visiting Bandra and reliving some of my College Memories. Lunch had to be a twin Samosa Pav at Kunjvihar followed by Vanilla flavored Soda at Soda Lounge. We met our friend Dhanashree (called “Dhanno” hereafter, or else I will be murdered before I write next leg) at Bandra Station. We crossed over to East and took a ric to Bandra Terminus.

Garibrath was laid an hour before its scheduled departure. We boarded the train immediately in a hope to dry up our sweat glands. Two of us, Swasti and Kapil, were yet to arrive. Our seats were distributed among two coaches and unfortunately they were separated by 5 coaches. And thanks to our former railway minister, we had 3 side middle berths to spend night on.

Luggage arranged, I felt something was missing. It took a dreadful second to realize that the LowerPro shoulder bag carrying my Canon and all other accessories was not there amongst the Luggage we had just arranged!!:shock::shock::shock::shock:
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Jaldo Jaldi update do bha. Mera mann nahi maan raha. Main apni bike kal hi servcie kara raha hoon. Next Friday-Saturday night I think I am off to Hampta Pass.
So pLease finish it before that. It will help in preperation.


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Suspense at the end of the first leg.. bring it on fast buddy.. we all are waiting with bated breaths


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Are wah suspense....Star Plus style.... ut u missed to give flashback for next episode.....


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Awesome start. Stunning captures.

PS : Should I move the thread to "Trekking Logs" section? Suits better there, if its Hamta pass trek report.