Subham Beach Resort - Shriwardhan


For those, who like beaches, this is a must visit.

Shriwardhan, is a nice secluded beach in Raigad, Maharashtra, Approx 280 Km's from Mumbai.

The Subham Beach Resort, owned by Mr - Satvilkar is an ideal place to go if you are going for a group outing.

Its located on the Sriwardhan beach, has a capacity of approx 100 people.
Everyone prefers to sleep in the "kathiya's" in the compound, in spite of renting out a room. Well, in the night the beach is all ur's to party. Also, there is enough place in the compound to DJ & party.

There are a few rooms, but would not recommend it.
They also have a couple of tree houses, which are decent.

The place is quite clean & FOOD is really good.

Cost - Rs- 200/- per person per night.

Most of the people generally stay at MTDC or any other resort at Harihareshwar (18 Km's), but I would strongly recommend this place.

Another advantage in spending your night at Shriwardhan is you can visit Divyagar beach & temple, which is very much close from Shriwardhan than Harihareshwar.

Contacts - 02147222011. M - 098227 89258

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Chirag how much does is it cost for the tree house and is it really situated on top of a tree?

Well, the entire resort is built by raw treewood( even the dining table)

The tree house is not situated on top of a tree. its a square structure, made out of treewood, open from top, at a height of approx 1st floor, supported by another 4 stem like pieces of treewood.

Basically, there is no difference in sleeping on the cots or on tree house, except that ur at some height.

The cost sums upto the same if ur in a group of 5, as they charge 1000 bucks & is big enough to fit in 5 people.