Sudden Plan to Kasmir

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The person whom we met happened to be a forest guard, who was curious about us. He was more astonished to hear that we came from Chandigarh that morning and directly ran into the National Park. Meanwhile another guy made an entry who was wearing a firan, carrying Kashmiri kangri inside. He too asked about us, and going further he told that the park was closed. Out of curiosity I asked as why the park is closed this time, only to know that they were unaware of the reason, which I truly suspected.

Both of them asked us to leave, as they won't allow us to enter further more. It was really sad for us to leave the place from the entrance itself. I asked them about their reporting (may be CF, or CCF or DFO whosoever available) One of them (Mr. Rai, who was from Jammu) did let me know that there was no one else than only a senior care taker, who was taking his shower. We had to wait for some time, in order to meet him. Meanwhile, I did some photography.


The safari path from entrance.


910hrs | Animal Rehabilitation Care | Dachigham NP | Srinagar | Kashmir:

We didn't have to wait for much longer. The person whom we met, heard our bollywood styled real story, and finally said something in his local language to Mr. Rai which later on he translated for me to know that he permitted us till animal rehab inside the park. We were thrilled to know this success of ours. It was better at least than returning from the entrance. Mr.Rai asked few mins for getting his boots done. In no time, he got his boots and asked us to follow him through the trail. He told me that we would be going through the patrolling path, and not the safari way. It was of more thrill for us.

This chap was brought here for medication purpose. He lost a battle with his fellow, which had caused him injuries in leg. Now, he's doing good and was about to be released.


This Leopard was also found injured and fainted by the patrolling guards several weeks ago. He was properly medicated and now he was to be released. He was too far to get a decent image of him.


I was surprised to know that there are 190 individuals who risk their life patrolling through that dense forest of Kashmir. This very forest was very different from our rest of the National Parks in country. After that we were done with the Rehab care, which was just half a kilometer from the entrance, I insisted to see more of the forest. Mr.Rai was generous enough but was bound with the protocols too. He, finally after few minutes of thoughts, agreed to take us a bit more into the dense cover.

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Since this is winter, there were two facts to consider. First was that, most of the animals (herb/ carn) go deep into the cover to get warmth, and second is that the illusive snow Leopard too climbs down the lower part of the Nation Park because unavailability of the preys on higher altitude. The forest guard told that the best season to visit the park is summers, because all available animals and birds are well visible. Though I couldn't see any of the animal there in except of few wonderful birds, I still don't regret because I was allowed to be in and trek few kilometers rather than getting doors closed on my face. Moreover, the ambiance was so attractive, I really didn't missed anything else. :supz:

Here are some more photographs of the patrolling trek. I won't be mentioning exact locations due to obvious reasons, but let you all enjoy what I did back then.






Mr.Rai trying his hand on my BlackBerry Passport to shoot the ambiance. He was left disappointed ](*,)







Identification marks made on trees for patrolling purpose. These signs (or codes) refers to location of the park, which helps forest people locating themselves.


After approx 3kms of trek through dense cover, Mr.Rai made his way towards the Safari route to return back. Meanwhile he also revealed that army people are grouped and scattered all over the park to keep a check on human shadows. Being the entire state a sensitive zone, this news didn't surprised me. However, what surprised me was that, there is a cottage built inside that park, for Gandhi family, where in, Rahul baba and his Mom use to visit once a while.

Anyhow, with a lot of such chit chat, we all came to an end. He also told some qualities of firan and that he got it tailored last year for Rs.2000, and that it starts with Rs.200 as well. It took approx one and half hour and we were done with a wonderful forest. While the trek, I asked him about how much does he charge (because we didn't took an entrance/ camera ticket, as the NP was shut officially) but he gently said me that they don't ask for anything in particular. I offered him a hundred rupee note, only to find that he expected something more, but still didn't made much noise for it. We greeted each other again, and took our own way.

Some photographs of Safari road.






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