Sudden Plan to Kasmir

The Shikara kept on sailing, and we too were busy collecting memories, and only when we found that the boatman was struggling to row, I noticed that we were sailing on a dense floating aquatic plants where in we also find lotus plant. But due to the off season, there weren't any lotus flower. The boatman told there was nothing to worry about the same as they are well enough expertise to deal with this. During the course of our conversation, the Shikara made its way yet again out of those plants.



We finally reached that submerged gate made of bricks. It was a wonderful place with a quiet ambiance which was only permitted to be broken by the chirping of birds. Saw so many herons on the way. They were resting over those floating aquatic plants. It was so good, that I really didn't wanted to sail back so quickly. While our way back to the bank, the boatman pitched his pet market oneliner "Babuji agar maza aya ho toh bakshish dena. Maza na aya toh koi baat nahi". He just finished pitching, and a hand went straight up to back pocket of jean to pull out that thin little wallet. None other than my kind enough brother, who gave Rs.50 to him as a bakshish, but astonishingly, we wasn't that happy as he might have expected some more. Well, this is how we ended our Shikara ride.


Again me, for a while.



le le le lele lele le le re le le re haan


My favorite selfie shot






Some more from BB



1245hrs | Mughal Garden | Srinagar | Kashmir:

When we deboarded the Shikara, we found that there were not much crowd around the Mughal garden. We thought for a while to get inside it, but then we dropped this from our plan. We crossed the road, and did wait for a shared jeep or mini bus to get back to Lal chowk. After some time, we got a shared jeep, which dropped us at Lal chowk. The jeep charged us Rs.30 for two.

1300hrs | Mughal Garden | Srinagar | Kashmir:

We were at Lal chowk, watching around, with no further plans or place to visit. On top of all, we were tired as well. Some shops around, reminded me of something which is in every city. The place is called "market". I am not absolutely a marketing kiddie, but we were done with all, and had some time before boarding bus to Jammu. We asked a local about the main market, to which he pointed us towards the other side of the bus stand. That butcher area we went to early morning. We walked towards that market and found by that time, it was a busy and rushed market.

Gaurav Chopra

zestbiker-if there is a SPIRIT,I ride it
NICEof you for the ACTUAL reporting from Srinagar-and the weather remained deary throughout ur trip as evidenced by the dull grey surroundings in the clicks-I have always felt that without either the sunshine or the snow,Kashmir is nothing exceptionally beautiful-it's energy is heavy(what with it being a conflict ridden zone) and not much of a relaxing place-though to each,his own.!