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Dump the iPhone; get the S4, it is supposed to work with even with normal gloves on, so I doubt it might just work with oily fingers as well. Additionally, you will get a phone with decently large display to make your tab useless for most occasions and one which can be used as a wifi hotspot, which will allow you to dump your pocket modem as well.

One premium device = 3 different gadgets.

Alternatively you can buy note 2 or the upcoming note 3 and use the stylus to answer calls easily.

Apoorv SHarma

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Agreed with YS, Galaxy S4 is the best option for you. It has a hover feature, You don't have to click an email or photo to see it in more detail. Merely "hovering" over it with your finger will reveal the first few lines of its contents, or provide an expanded view. You can use this hover feature in quite a lot of cases. Plus you are getting the fastest smartphone on earth. It has outperformed all other phones on Benchmarks. Nearest rival being HTC which has 40% lesser score than S4 with regard to performance. Here are some other cool feature as well:

9 Cool Features on the Samsung Galaxy S4 - Dual Cameras - Slideshow from


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@ Apoorv: Thanks for the suggestion & information.

@ YS: If you are talking about my chinese Tab, I inform you that its working flawlessly. Wifey & kids are absolutely in love with it.

I do agree that you get what you pay for but not always one requires the best or even better products.

Budget isn't really a trouble but I've seen that it costs more to maintain a premium product. My usage is a bit on rough side as mentioned above which means that there is a high probablity of dropping my phone & breaking something which will later cost a fortune to repair/replace. Also I very seldom go for business or family trips. I am usually at office / factory on working days which means I'll have excess to my laptop / PC at all times.

I am better off with a simple phone that has decent contact capacity, battery life & emailing.

Apoorv SHarma

Eat, Ride, Sleep, Repeat!
You can go for this one. It is oil proof, water proof and dust proof. You can use it with oily fingers and wipe it clean later on. Battery life is a bit shabby(you have to compromise somewhere), though. Price is around 7-8 K. Not available in India, but should be in US. See the user reviews at the bottom of the page, you will have an idea how rough you can use this one.

Samsung Solid Immerse - Rugged, Waterproof & Dust-proof Phone - Samsung UK - OVERVIEW

Here is an Amazon link:

Samsung B2710 Solid Immerse Sim Free Mobile Phone: Electronics


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Nice suggestion.

I have seen a few kyocera flip phones which are dustproof, waterproof & are tough enough to last a few dropping. Its just that they are available in CDMA only.

Apoorv SHarma

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Here are few more details:

Product Features
IP67 certification – fully water and dust resistant
Anti shock and Anti scratch window
Noise cancellation
2 inch high resolution screen
Technical Details

Frequency Band: WEDGE 3G (900/2100), 2G (850/900/1800/1900)
Display: 2.0 inch QVGA
Camera: 2 MP camera
Entertainment: Music player, Video player, FM Radio
Memory: MicroSD
Connectivity: Bluetooth v2.1, USB 2.0, GPS, ActiveSync
Phone Features: IP67 rated (Dust Proof (complete protection against dust)), Water Proof (Immersion in 1metre for 30 mins), Anti-scratch window, Anti-Scratch/Non-slip body
Outdoor/Travel Applications: Pedometer, Digital compass, Noise cancellation (2 Mic), Lonely Planet (City guide, Phrasebook), Real updated currency (TBD), Kayak (Travel search engine TBD), Push email / IM / SNS link / Google Search/Mail/Map

Well if you can't find GSM one, you can always unlock the CDMA phone. Warranty will be void after that. The Amazon one is GSM.


Armchair Traveller :(
....Well if you can't find GSM one, you can always unlock the CDMA phone. Warranty will be void after that. The Amazon one is GSM.
There will not be any warranty any ways since I'll buy that phone in US. What do you mean by unlock the CDMA phone?

As a last resort I shall buy the Kyocera CDMA & then switch to Reliance CDMA under portability. I am currently using idea connection but before that I was using Reliance CDMA and it wasn't bad at all.

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Thanks for the suggestion but I'll try to limit myself to more standard companies like Nokia, Samsung, Motorola or such. The specs aren't bad at all but its just that since I'll use the phone daily, I don't want to buy a product of a relatively unknown company in the cellphone space.