Suggest a WiFi Router and NAS combo


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Hi friends,
Please suggest me a sturdy WiFi Router and NAS combo which can withstand voltage spikes/surges upto certain extent. Needless to say, cost is also a deterrent thus kept a budget of about :r:15K for this.

I have set my eyes on 4TB WD My Cloud, but I am not able to find a decent router with USB (3.0?) which can fall in my budget.

Please suggest/advice.


Am using WD 2TB NAS and Asus RT-N66U for the last 5yrs and extremely happy with the performance, this combo never gave up on me. I can even browse my files securely (built-in VPN on the router) over the internet. Only downside is lack of USB 3.0.

I would recommend Asus AT-AC68U with 4TB NAS you've mentioned. I would say the budget certainly shoots up, but trust me, its worth every penny and will last really longer:

Pros of RT-AC68U over RT-N66U:
1. USB 3.0
2. Built-in Trend Security
3. MIMO Support
4. Class leading dual-core Broadcom Chip with beamforming (optimizes the wifi signal to the devices), etc.,

Edit: The cheap and best router with USB 3.0 I found is:
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Thanks @rajeshv for the suggestion, but the routers suggested by you are quite expensive for my simple needs.

I can survive with a wifi router with USB 2.0 (3 would be luxury); reason being, if anytime in future I need to expand my storage capacity I can do so using the usb port at back of 4TH WD My Cloud.

If you have any idea about a reasonably priced WiFi router (with/without USB2.0/3.0), please share the details with me.
I recently had a bad experience with TP-Link, thus looking for one which can withstand the voltage fluctuations a bit.


Since Am using Asus for over 6yrs now, I would always recommend one (maybe am biased), because you get regular firmware upgrades from the mfr compared to other manufactures and also is more feature rich. I have gone for over 3mnths without rebooting my router, its that reliable.
Check this:

Also since NAS box works on RJ45, you may not need the USB at all, except for first time configuration, which can also be done by connecting NAS to the laptop, so if USB is not a major requirement, then consider this too.


A better option would be to buy a 2 or 3 bay NAS, add a 4TB drive to it. NAS will come with an ethernet port, so it would work with your existing or any other router.


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Got my old router replaced with a brand new under warranty. Using that for the time being, and the plan of making a combo with NAS took a backseat, again. Year end is round the corner. ;)


Can you guys suggest me one good router for home use? Am kinda of blank on which router to buy. (have around 4 phones/Laptop/iPad to connect to the net)


If am thread-jacking, let me know. I will open a new thread!