Suggest Desktop/Laptop with Licensed OS


Armchair Traveller :(

I want to buy a Desktop with Licensed OS for my office. It will be mainly used for account and correspondence. Budget is 20-30k. Can also take a look on Laptops in similar range. Please suggest suitable options.



It would be a good idea to buy an assembled computer and Windows 10 licence from the market. That way, you can use the same license, even if you change your computer in future.

I bought Windows 7 license several years ago, since then i have changed my computer completely once and i got Windows 10 upgrade for free as well. When i upgrade my computer next, i’ll keep the same license.

Having said that, it would be cheaper to buy a branded computer with windows, since they get windows license for really cheap (few hundred rupees).


When the windows 10 was initially launched, Microsoft offered free upgrade for a year to windows 7 and 8 users. Since windows 10 is a software as service, it recieves continuous updates and hopefully I won't have to buy another license for a few years.