Suggest washing machine for less than 20k[max]


guys .... need to buy new Washing machine for my mom , brand doesnt matter to me.... it has to be fully automatic , very less effort needed after the process, and 6.5 kg should be sufficient

please suggest some good brands


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I picked mine last month for :r:20,100. :)

IFB Elena VX

There's just one con against it...

It has got just 600-RPM dry spin, and that's pretty less for sure!
Our other IFB (Senator 6KG, 2 yr old model) is having 1100-RPM dry spin, and clothes come out much drier in that machine.

Since we get plenty of sunshine in our home, I picked up this model as ALL machines in our budget of about 20-25K are not able to dry clothes fully, and one has to spread them in sunlight.

Pick one wisely! :)


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I would suggest go with LG which is considered the best in the market as of now. Though I have bought an IFB still I am made to believe that LG offers the best product currently.
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^^ can you suggest some model names from LG...

and should go for top load or front load...? i know the price difference is high , what extra benefit we will get from front load


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..... what extra benefit we will get from front load
Front loaders consume much less water and are gentler on clothes while still giving a superior wash.

And IFB comes with the longest warranty - 4 years!
Go for a machine with an electromechanical timer rather than one with all electronic controls.


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4 years' warranty, and successive AMCs are also very attractive, apart from quick service in Delhi atleast!

New IFB machines have slimmed down a bit and now sport bigger & wider door, big diameter drum with shallow 'depth'!
We're liking this new machine slightly more than what we felt with our earlier IFBs! :)


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LG direct drive comes with 10 years warranty on the motor. Quiet too. Service is also good, even in Tier 2 cities.
IFB used to be good, but lately their service even in NCR has been less than optimal. Maybe Delhi is different, but in Noida, I have heard they are not very good.

That said, all machines are good till they work. Once they go kaput its $#@$#@$